Jazz Jam report 22 Oct 2017

from Taariq on location

The sheltered workshop for the tone deaf and rhythmically challenged held yet another Jam session on Sunday. A modest turn out on a slightly cool spring day saw many of the usual suspects mangle some of the tried and tested, (sorely tested) material yet again.

This scribe started on piano, albeit a little rusty because you can’t take a piano with you when you go for spring cross country skiing in N.S.W. Gentleman John Curtis played his stand up bass, Michael was on drums, Fermin was perpetually on guitar since no other guitarists (apart from me) appeared on the day. The Captain of Chaos was on Sax. Other reedmen included: Jeff; Noel ;John Calamata and Will.

Songs that they tried to breathe life into included Will on Coltrane s Equinox and Noel taking the team through Anthropology. This scribe was ensconced on precision electric bass most of the four hour session except when relieved ephemerally by John C. on his bodiless upright bass, that is when he was not playing piano on songs such as A.C. Jobim’s Dindi.

Drummers included: Manny; Publican (and host with the most flams and rudiments mixed with triplets) Glenn; Bill, ( who has the appearance of a drum stick;-P ) and the swinging Andre`.

Piano players were not in shortage so Malcolm, Peter G. and Richard all contributed to keyboard duties.

Vocalists included Anne Smith and Steve who sang the vocalese version of the Miles Davis tune Four in way that sounded much like the phrasing on the original Hendricks, Lambert and Ross era recordings. We had already stomped on that song earlier that day so that it seemed unlikely to be exhumed from its grave, but like the biblical figure Lazarus, it rose from the grave and returned in a horribly confused contrived mixing of metaphors like Lazarus emerging from the ashes and riding on the phoenix upwards towards new life.

The very lovely and presentable female vocalist, whose name has eluded me, took the impromptu ensemble through a few tunes that included a Duke Ellington number and survived without any noticeable trauma or train wrecks.

The clocked ticked and while Chico loitered he did not grace us with his John McLaughlin like prowess on guitar and Il Capitano took the unit through one last song which was not a 1920’s show tune, thank goodness. It was Mingus Goodbye pork pie hat which of course had a 24 bar bass solo by this scribe.

Then it was time to pack up and head home.

While Ted (any song written after the Pyramids were built is Avant guard a clue Be bop)Woolan is unfortunately still rather ill, I shall continue to try to write the weekly newsletter report and next week I will be running the jam and pushing against the chaos.

There is a chance for a shameless and gratuitous plug of my new CD/ Vinyl record Pushing against the chaos,which is now in the mixing stages.



Yes that is me playing everything except the drums, saxophone and vocals!

Keep breathing and see you all next week.

Colonel T

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