Last Week’s Jam Session, this week’s Jam Session:

Fashionably late, I staggered through the door of the Gold Street Gossip shop in time to hear Curtis, Colonel T, Captain Chaos, Fermin, Findlay, Steve Bray and/or Bill and the motley crew tweak some irretrievable version of a Monk tune (name withheld to protect the guilty) before settling down to listen to Lisette bring some calm and disorder to the proceedings. I then retired to the back bar for a bit of a gossip with POCKOTL


There is a satisfyingly predictable trajectory to the jam session which sees the singers take over around 6pm and this session was no different: Kev, a newcomer and then Manal back and singing with confidence. Chloe smoking a version of At Last. She then called for Girl From Ipanema which guitarist (Bradon/Brayden/Baden well maybe just guitarist ) enlivened by injecting the Sailors Hornpipe or Looney Tunes theme, maybe both, into his solo. Nice one.

Another Sunday, another jam – it was good to get back, enjoy some good music and some good trainwrecks. Props to Col T (retd.) for carrying his bat.

Special Offer

This week, Free Beer at Bar Prices. See ya Sunday?

What’s On, where, when, why not…

Saturday: Castlemaine Jazz Festival AGM
Sunday: Melbourne Jazz Jammers Session No 481, at the Chopper Read Ballroom
Sunday: Castlemaine Jazz Jam Session, at the Maurocco Bar

And if you survive that lot, you might want to listen to some music. Don’t know where though..

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