Twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe

Which neatly sums up the quiet little Jam Session that took place last Sunday. Plenty of opportunity to gyre and gimble, and none missed. A smaller bunch of jammers than usual (17) concocted a variety of tempo, and tones. And then had them altered at random.

All of which made for the usual gossip-mongering over a refreshing social lubricant, munchies from Glen, and the early departure of several rather good musos.

And the orchestra played on…

Colonel T Fourth Punjab Light Horse (retd)
Michael Findlay,
Bill the beanpole,
the Hirsh (pleads not guilty)
Captain Chaos,
Roger De Coverley’s distant relation,
(will plead not guilty if we find a chart for it)
The Late Annie Smith,
Malcolm Hornby,

In summary “A curate’s egg”…not the greatest Jam Session by any means, the occasional trainwreck, the occasional triumph – society is to blame

At least that all bodes well for next week .

See Ya Sunday?

Twas brillig...Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, Rugby School, 1846

A Curate’s Egg  The origin of the phrase is the George du Maurier cartoon “True Humility”, printed in the British satirical magazine Punch, on 9th November 1895.


Summer Isn’t upon us

But it might as well be… this was an upmarket little jam session, characterised by early and mighty fine bebop, followed by a parade of singers. All bound together by the indefatigable Ivan (double bass), playing all afternoon, and playing well at that.

The Captain, Volkers, Will and Jeff led the rattle and squeak section, with Mr Findlay leading out the drummers. A fairly new guitarist, possibly called Haydn, played well; and Nadira Farid’s bassist (Hayden?) gave Ivan the briefest of respites whilst the Big Ho’s finest warmed her tonsils for that night’s gig. Preceded by the Divine Miss Smith, and followed by Chloe, then Katerina. Sam Izzo (piano) mercifully restored some dignity to proceedings.

All up, around 20 musos got up and had a dip, the Captain came back with good reports of the Castlemaine Jazz Festival AGM (see below), and the Spring weather is starting to come good.

Quiz of the week

If the sound is too loud do you
(a) Turn everything  down
(b) Turn everything  up
(c) Ignore it
(d) Polish your saxaphone

This week, we are going to cock it up comprehensively. Should be a bust. If you want a venue so packed it is standing room only, ask the landlord to put the chairs back.

See ya Sunday?

Castlemaine Jazz Festival Committee for 2018

Around 30 members attended the Castlemaine Jazz Festival AGM, and elected a new Committee for 2018. And a good mixture of musicians, locals and business smarts is the result.

President: Calum McClure

Vice President: Chris Hain

Treasurer: Janet Cropley

Secretary: Elle Pedersen

Committee Members:

Colin Garrett

Christian Imfeld

Henriette Kassey-Schuster

Trevor Prasad

Barbara Rowlands

John Rowlands

Last Week’s Jam Session, this week’s Jam Session:

Fashionably late, I staggered through the door of the Gold Street Gossip shop in time to hear Curtis, Colonel T, Captain Chaos, Fermin, Findlay, Steve Bray and/or Bill and the motley crew tweak some irretrievable version of a Monk tune (name withheld to protect the guilty) before settling down to listen to Lisette bring some calm and disorder to the proceedings. I then retired to the back bar for a bit of a gossip with POCKOTL


There is a satisfyingly predictable trajectory to the jam session which sees the singers take over around 6pm and this session was no different: Kev, a newcomer and then Manal back and singing with confidence. Chloe smoking a version of At Last. She then called for Girl From Ipanema which guitarist (Bradon/Brayden/Baden well maybe just guitarist ) enlivened by injecting the Sailors Hornpipe or Looney Tunes theme, maybe both, into his solo. Nice one.

Another Sunday, another jam – it was good to get back, enjoy some good music and some good trainwrecks. Props to Col T (retd.) for carrying his bat.

Special Offer

This week, Free Beer at Bar Prices. See ya Sunday?

What’s On, where, when, why not…

Saturday: Castlemaine Jazz Festival AGM
Sunday: Melbourne Jazz Jammers Session No 481, at the Chopper Read Ballroom
Sunday: Castlemaine Jazz Jam Session, at the Maurocco Bar

And if you survive that lot, you might want to listen to some music. Don’t know where though..