Jam Session: All Chips and nonsense

Spiffin ‘litttle Jam Session last Sunday. New toons, old favourites, and a birthday party to follow. Madge from Altona, doyenne of the wind-blown west, may have been there; and her good friend Hortense was back, with a vengeance, a handbag and a lifetime of regret, in the nether regions of the back bar, or not as the case may be. The Birthday party? After a busy jam, Kay rashly had the birthday at 7.00pm whereupon they all retired to the Atrium for exaggerated compliments and a frisson of jazz.

Of course there had been much to divert Madge’s attention – six saxophones, three drummers, three bass players and quite a few guitarists coming out out of the woodwork.

English tweaker Esmond Selwyn (google him – https://gypsyjazzuk.wordpress.com/36-2/esmond-selwyn/

contributed a fine set, accompanied by Paul at his saxophonically smoothest on Body and Soul

Other Highlights of the afternoon included Seven Steps to Heaven, of which only the debonair Mr Curtis had any clue as to how the toon might go, and even then for not much more than three steps. It took the Jammers several goes before the bass, saxophones and drums had learnt enough to entirely drown out the debonair Mr Curtis. What eventuated was a polished debacle featuring lengthy solos all round whilst the rest of us caught up on sleep.

Long time jammer/long time no see Ali dropped in. Has not darkened the door for two years or more. He promised to return with saxophone soon. I assume his parole officer knows…

For the rest of us, all chips and nonsense.

One of the classier jam sessions. See ya next Sunday?

Tip of the week: If you are uncertain as to how a tune should end, just keep repeating the last four bars until you get it wrong.

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