Carruthers thinks it is too quiet…

And he don’t like it when the natives get restless. Interesting session at the Gold Street Gossip Shop last Sunday – around 20 musos turned up, gentle ballad mangling was the order of the day, and a rather pleasant afternoon ensued. Col T of the Fourth Punjab Light Horse (retd) was in particularly good form – he even sat out for a while – probably needed a break from piano to recover, but it is reassuring to know that every key on the Roland works.

Yet again, Ponytail Pete (bass) held the rhythm section together, and Neil (guitar), back from a good night at the Royal Standard Hotel (see below) added a touch of class. A couple of new guitarists turned up at Col T’s suggestion and acquitted themselves well.

In the middle of which, Kevin Blaze turned up and didn’t play, whilst Ann Craig (flute) turned up and did… to a standard which encouraged others to join in, whether they had something to offer or not.

Drummers, saxophones, guitarists aplenty made for a cheerful cacophony, but singers were in short supply. The natives may be out in force this Sunday. And will you be scoffing phat chips, taking some social lubricant as a light refreshment, before hauling some tired old bebop tune into the 21st Century.?

Ya wouldn’t be dead fer quids. See ya Sunday

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