The Leinster Jam: flirting with Reality.

I am indebted to Captain Chaos for this opportunity to write a brief review of last Sunday’s jam session, for parts of which I was in attendance. I am advised by the Captain that there were 24 musicians turned up. Certainly the musicians I saw were of a pretty lively standard, with a smattering of new faces.

Tunes played probably included Summertime, Autumn Leaves and Georgia. Taariq is convinced he should have a dollar for each time they get played. He could be onto something.

There are now only two ways in which aspiring jammers tend to find us – Google and Word of Mouth, and examples of both were on display- we had new drummers, a trumpeter, hot pianist, and a couple of guitarists. And there were the usual 6 saxes in attendance. We have no idea what we would do without them, as they have never given us the chance to find out.

See ya Sunday?

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