Where are we?

The Leinster Jam started quietly last Sunday. Only John and Lisette for the keys. Michael and Dan to drum and Noel and myself with our Tenors. Lisette used the keyboard split to more than adequately make up for the lack of a bass player. Ivan eventually arrived and played bass for the next 3 ½ hours except for a small break provided by John Curtis who jumped at the opportunity to exhibit his multi instrumental status. Ted was the next to come in and did a short stint on the keys. He was followed by a plethora of Saxophones …..new comer Jeff (Alto), Laurie, (Tenor) Paul (Tenor), John Calamatta (Tenor) Keith (Alto), Will (Tenor) and Peter (Tenor). Vocalists Julie and Cloe also appeared to break up the wailing of the Saxes. Vlad later filled the vacant guitar space with his purple guitar which looked as if it belonged in a heavy metal band.  Glen and Bill augmented the drum role and Richard did a late stint on the keys.

Highlights……Paul and Jeff’s version of Now’s the Time. Lisette singing spooky backed by herself on keys and Paul, Glen, Ivan and Vlad.  Julie’s very spelt “Valerie” with harmonies from Lisette and an excellent  solo from Vlad.

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