The Jam Sessions: what we actually got…

Last day of the month of April saw the appearance of seven drummers at the Sunday jam. For a while there was only Sam on keys, Fermin on Guitar and a rotation of drummers: newcomer Russell followed by Michael, Dan and a very smart younger slap and rattle artiste whose name eludes us.

Sam tickled the low keys to play a cool bass line until Taariq arrived to take on bass duties. Noel (tenor and flute) Luis (Soprano) and I added the heads on Saxophones and Kevin warbled some words.

And then… disaster looms!

Sam and Fermin were scheduled to leave at 5.30 so it looked as if the only rhythm would be provided by drums and guitar for the rest of the night.

Disaster averted. ‘Twas a Close Run Thing!

Just as they were about to leave in strolled Peter Garam (keys and vocals), Kay (keys) and Peter Ryan (guitar). They were soon followed by Ivan (Bass) Omar(bass) Bill (drums) Michelle (drums) Annie (vocals), Peter Cole (Tenor), Laurie (yet another Tenor) and another newcomer on melodica, who could have been a distant relative of the young drummer, so we didn’t get his name either.. Glen also had a stint on the Drums.

Numbers varied from an “unusual” version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, through a very cool Black Coffee to a very loud Tenor Madness.

By the knackered end of it, a pretty good session all round.

Not your usual correspondent

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