At the Leinster

Seldom heard such good vibrations as were played at ye olde collywobble corner shop last week.

It is said that that the co-ordination between the musicians was almost psychic such was the oneness. Certainly I never heard the like of it in my life and I have heard a bit.

Lots of musos turned up for keenly fought over spots especially keys and bass and drums. Saxes as is their want just played when they felt like it especially fighting for having the last note played sometimes even in keys the drummer knew.

What with Peter, Will, John, Kay and Geoff on keys more notes were produced than could our friends at Twitter produce in an afternoon. Birds (and Kevin) sang too notably Anne and Rachael.

Swapsies on bass included Mathew, Geoff and Taariq  who of course was desperate to play lounge music and “ambient” but was restrained.

Guitaristas Fermin, John, Louis and Brian strummed, plucked and picked their G strings ably supported by Mathew, Bill, Sebastian and Il Duce on drums.

A good time was had by all or so the captain said. Who knew it could be so good. I think I should try and get there sometime. Why don’t you?

Not your regular correspondent.

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