Last Sunday at the Arms

With winter approaching, 22 musicians sought out the warm environment of the Leinster Arms last Sunday to escape the oncoming chill and to make music.

The melting pot of musicians included Laurie, Tony, Colin, Keith and Peter on Saxophones. (It is written that too much sax is never enough.) Marion added a much needed different lead sound on jazz recorders and Keith chimed in at times on the clarinet. Vocals were provided by Annie, Kay, Kevin and Brian. Ivan and Peter took over the bass from Tariq who continued on guitar with Fermin and Lewis. Sam played some tasty keys in the early part of the jam and was followed by more tasty keys from John and Peter G. Rhythm was provided by Michael, Glen, Andre and Andrew. Three listeners threatened  to come back with their instruments next time. They must have thought we were having fun.

Tony was on a quick visit from Thailand, Kay Young finished up her visit from Darwin and Andrew Howard just happened to drop in from Canberra.

Highlight was a set conducted by Tony and Paul (The Chicken, Chitlins Con Carne and Body and Soul) ably backed by John, Andre and Ivan and one of the guitarists. It was also the lowlight because it was just a tad too loud.

Our thoughts go out to Ted who is in hospital with some mysterious affliction.

Please note      No Jam Next Sunday

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