Jamming at the L: A Touch of Class, or something

Upon reflection, probably something. Another fine arvo of cocking up all the good bits, and enjoying the dross. This was a remarkably busy session – mainly because we had five bass players ( Colonel T, Ivan, Matthew, Chris and Pony Tail Pete) and only three saxophones .(Captain Chaos, Luis, and Peter Cole).

The pianists, as ever, were a class or two above the riff raff – Gentleman John Curtis, Peter Garam, meself and the sublime Miss Kay; and the singers Kay De Darwin and the late Miss Smiff injected some light entertainment in between the occasionally dreary instrumentals.

Guitarist Lewis was all class again, as was Fermin; and Colonel T, one time putative ticket collector on the 437 to Hounslow, jumped from bass to guitar, on the grounds that, mathematically, this gave him the best chance of getting more playing time than anyone else. His bass stint was a good one…

All of which meant little to the drummers, Michelle Morrison, Michael Happy Snaps Findlay, and the other Michael who played a fine set. Unfortunately, it was pointed out that he resembled Animal from the muppets in style, and it was difficult to take it too seriously after that – a lot of fun, though. Even Il Duce took a turn, and the slap and rattle department ran smoothly all arvo.

Highlights? Leave it out, it wasn’t that sort of a day, but we do have a few awards to hand out:

  • Best solo: Miss Kay on Little Sunflower
  • Best Santanaesque solo: Colonel T, because no-one else tried it…and unfortunately drowning out Miss Kay’s solo in the process, which was a pity, because we had already heard the Santana thing before. Several times.
  • Best Nameless Trumpeter: Who shall remain nameless. Real musician. I wish he had put a foot wrong so I could get away with having him remain nameless, but as it is, I have to ‘fess up to forgetting his name. Again. Sorry, do come back.
  • Worst Flute: Noel. He was also best flute, but he has won lots of awards for that in the past, so we thought he might appreciate something new.
  • Best Vocals: Goes to Miss Smiff, for the three songs she could have sung in the time it took her to find her charts, work out the key, set the tempo, reset the tempo, ignore the tempo, guess at the bell note, and finally come in. My fault entirely, as she stepped up at very short notice.

Melbourne Jazz Jammers, where musicianship is often seen as a handicap, but you get let in anyway … at The Leinster Arms, Gold Street Collingwood, Sunday 9th April 2017, at 4.00pm.

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