It was just one of those things…

Strange little jam session last Sunday: started with lots of casual sax, only one bass player all arvo, a coupla singers, three drummers, and the usual complement of guitarists and pianists. As the good Captain remarked, there were times when it almost sounded like music… which is another way of saying there were times when it didn’t.

Hortense, I am almost certain, was not there – she has been much distracted of late by all the shenanigans in Refinery Terrace, that windswept exemplar of the rusted dusty west. Quite what the shenanigans may have been she is not saying, as she is not one given to gossip as a rule, but she rolled her eyes when asked, with a knowing look and a half pack of Rizla’s clenched between her knees. I thought I could hear Madge practising the bagpipes in the distance, although that may have been the despairing groans of a merchant matelot errant, whose ship cannot sail soon enough.

Possibly, I digress; but at that point I resolved to take no notes at the next meeting of the Gold Street Gossip Shop Scout Troop Parade, and, as a result, can remember little else of an afternoon well wasted.

World traveller Kay returned, and was eventually introduced to pianist Kay, for a lively set. Gentleman John Curtis spent a delightful afternoon dodging the guitarists, and the Captain, Peter Cole, Will, Laurie and Noel contributed saxophonic essays, mainly in the right key and the right tempo, but sometimes not. Larry, a friend of Kay’s, drummed a little, and then produced a delightful vocal set – highlight of the arvo for some of us.

All up, a pleasant afternoon, nobody died, nothing got broken, and most of the charts made sense.

Let’s do it all again this week!

… at The Leinster Arms, Gold Street Collingwood, Sunday 26th March 2017, at 4.00pm.

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