Castlemaine Jazz Festival 2017

June 9th – June 12th 2017

Bands: By the time you read this, Band registrations will have closed, although I dare say you can plead your case with Captain Chaos, who is wrangling the musos.

There will be around 60 bands registered – which means that the musician reimbursement should be better than last year, provided all sixty bands persuade all their relatives to buy tickets.

Venues: The Committee has confirmed 7 venues, with a much greater concentration about the middle of town – should increase the “buzz” around the place. The Criterion is back after two years, the Anglican Church and the Theatre Royal are new, and the Cumberland, Gaol and Faulder Watson Hall are continuing. I heard a dynamic set from Ruby Rogers at the FWH last year and loved it. The Gaol and Mess Hall would be my favourite two venues even if it is a bit of a hike, and both Amy Jaulin and Sevil Sabah sang really good sets at the Cri in year 1, so fond memories of that one too.

And there is word of a dinner dance on Sunday night for the locals.

As ever, the Committee is finding organising a Festival no easy task, and a few boxes still need to be ticked, but things are shaping up for an exciting weekend.

Musicians: Melbourne representative and Musician Co-ordinator Captain Chaos can answer any queries you may have on 0422 568 537. Col Garrett has the same number, so he may answer the phone…

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