In light of the buzz around the joint the previous week, it was only reasonable to expect things to be a little quieter – and in that expectation, those of us who wandered into the Gold Street sheltered workshop at 4pm on the dot were not disappointed.

The afternoon would evidently start with three pianists and a saxophone… Izzo, Curtis, and meself, debating as to who should stuff the first stanza by playing drums. We opted for Curtis – a sound choice as he reliably attempted to hit nine objects with two sticks, maintaining from time to time a semblance of whatever tempo Mr Izzo had elected to stray from..

Thankfully Happysnaps Findlay took over and Ponytail Pete arrived to take up some bass duties – he ended up playing most of the afternoon, but as he is both young(ish) and naive, we didn’t think it would do him any harm. As he is both young(ish) and naive, he didn’t think it would either. Cue Col T (retd) on guitar and you have the makings of a jam session.

In truth it was an afternoon on which there was no aspiration to great heights, and few were achieved; dominated in the main by bebop tunes and their ilk. Highlights, if there were any, may have been Julian on flute duetting with Marian on recorder, or a new drummer whose name could have been Hieronymous Makita, but as I didn’t jot it down I can’t remember but CC thinks it was Adrian – quite good, and no difficulty hearing him in Alphington. Or maybe the best bit was Captain Sensible sporting a new reed on his sax, and sounding smooth as – I thought something was up when I heard him on Friday night at the Royal Standard.

Garam and Brian sang, the Don turned up late as usual, and the Divine Miss Smith brightened things up for a while – and even Richard, our resident late night cocktail pianist got in on the act. Really, it was all fun in a relaxed kind of way, and bodes well for this week.

Melbourne Jazz Jammers – where experience is recognising your mistakes when you make them again… and not giving a rats either way….

The choir will re-assemble at The Leinster Arms, Gold Street Collingwood, Sunday 26th February 2017, at 4.00pm. You may wear the appropriate ecclesiastical garb if you like. We all need a laugh.


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