The troublemakers are all in Castlemaine, Il Duce goes awol, and a Gentlemanly assembly keeps itself nice at the Basement di Bungle.

No kidding:- Col, Kev and Sir Roger De Coverley’s ageing roue descendant all hit up the Castlemaine Jam (which was a good one by all accounts), a lot of jammers were away furiously arranging a Port Fairy set list or three, in the hope that they could fool at least some of their audience into thinking they know what they are doing; Il Duce, who quietly sets up the room each week, was in Queensland, and we had everything shipshape and Bristol fashion by about half an hour late…when a gentlemanly rump fronted a very quiet Leinster Arms for the obligatory afternoon of doing things differently.

And how different they were… Peter Garam produced the first firework of the day with a rollicking version of Going To Kansas City, followed up with some more entertaining p/v numbers whilst Laurie dragged his sax out of its box, Michael (thanks for setting up the drums) and Bill swapped slap and bash duties – and the rest of us swanned around having a good time.

Failed to persuade Peter and Charles to do more than their usual two or three numbers, then let the Savage call the tunes, which produced a white hot solo on You Don’t Know What Love Is.

Col T (retd) scored trainwreck of the day with his 160 note bass accompaniment to I’ll Remember April hammering mere acolytes into the ground, although he redeemed himself as the arvo wore on. Peter Cole called the same tunes as last week, or the week before, but they are all good tunes, although Colonel T did comment that Mercy Mercy Mercy was usually done at about half that speed. Evan (clarinet) closely followed by Keef (clarinet) then got up for a trill, – probably the most Evan has played in a session, and both reedsmen pretty damn good..

Matt Berg took a session on drums – clouds of rust and dust flying around as I don’t think he has touched the drums for a while – but all came good in his second stanza.

And Ponytail Pete experimented with seeing how many notes he could leave out – with, imho, quite some success. It helps if you have Chico on guitar…

And we won’t mention Jack Morris. To really appreciate Jack’s ability on the trombone, you have to hear his singing…

And then we all packed up and went home in a thunderstorm.

This week, all the real musicians will be in Port Fairy, at least by their own estimation; Colonel T of the Punjab Fourth Light Horse retd will be slogging up Bogong Plains; and if anybody cares to turn up at the Gold Street Gossip Shop, you will get plenty of playing time.

Melbourne Jazz Jammers, the longest running jam session in the free world, or at least the Gold Street part of it.

See ya at The Leinster Arms, Gold Street Collingwood, Sunday 12th February 2017, from 4.00pm

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