Trombones, and La Manetta goes all quiet…

Fun little session last Sunday, much enlivened by newcomer Joel on his slush pump. I can only remember three trombonists in recent years, and one of those would be Elliott Joe on his green plastic technological marvel, so a bit of a treat, and some harmonious little duets with the Captain ensued.

Whatever, a quietish sort of a jam where 19 musos got up, nobody kicked the dog, and nothing got broken. Plenty of variety in the toons on offer, and lots of bebop as Colonel T was AWOL.

Speaking of AWOL, I received a text from the ‘steemed Editor to say he was in FarSouthBleedinGippsland, and couldn’t send out the email warning people of the Newsletter as he couldn’t get a signal. My first thought was that his chronic golfing slice is getting very much worse if he was that far away. I didn’t have a second thought.

The email eventually went out on Tuesday, with a satisfying number of hits on the website, which proves that peeps are just as bored on a Tuesday as they are on a Friday. Don’t know what you could do with that information…

So, back in deepest darkest Colliwobble, we had to make our own amusement – this week, it was trying to get La Manetta to sing quietly. She entirely forgot… until the band went quieter and quieter and quieter, whereupon she knocked the ‘issimo off the forte, and sang rather well.

Some fine contributions from Kevin(guitar) and Ann Craig (flaut) before I left the closing stanzas to Don and the late Miss Smith.

And props to Ponytail Pete for an all afternoon effort on bass. Getting good…

Melbourne Jazz Jammers, we don’t know diddlysquat about improvisation, we just make it up as we go along…

See ya at The Leinster Arms, Gold Street Collingwood, Sunday 5th February 2017, from 4.00pm

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