Settle down

No sooner had I eased the corporate chariot into one and a half spaces, parking not being my strong suit, than I was greeted by the sight of young Nadira strolling somewhat purposefully towards the battered green door of the Gold Street Bebop Stop and Tea Roomes.

The Hobart chanteuse, possibly one of the better known singers in Lenah Valley, was urged on by a beaming Captain Chaos, who may have sat back and listened to a selection of swing tunes finely crafted, but not to the extent that he forgot to plan some disruptive fours for later on. Marion appeared a little lost on some of the rowdier numbers, and a little found on some of the others – another fine contribution.

Colonel T (retd) got so excited on bass he quite forgot himself and started to swing in fine style.. He promised to relapse later on, but disappointed us all for quite a while.

It was an afternoon for singers, really, as Katerina Myskova, possibly third or fourth best singer from Nové Mesto, possibly not, dipped in with five or six songs herself, ranging through latin to bossa and back to latin again.

Laurie dragged out the bari, the Captain and Will traded sax licks, new comer Elton Walker played some fine sax, and Fermin tweaked an extended set on guitar.

Michael Findlay played drums somewhat loud, and at times ridiculously fast, possibly in an attempt to get it out of his system before playing for Sevil at the Royal this Friday, and then Bill Swannie and Michelle Morrison restored some order to the court.

Peter Garam proved up to the task, and rowdied it up a bit on piano, before Don took over for some fine playing.

Fine, fine, fine. No great shakes as jam sessions go, but to sit back and listen to some musos having a lot of fun was a privilege and a pleasure.

Melbourne Jazz Jammers, where we don’t call it getting lost, we call it a bass solo…

Next chance to embarrass yourself:- The Leinster Arms, Gold Street Collingwood, Sunday 29th January 2017, from 4.00pm

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