Jam session as usual, for a change…

The first jam session of the year, and you would expect that we would know by now to expect the unexpected. We didn’t, and there was a hefty turn out – even Captain Sensible declared himself well stuffed by the end of it.

The usual crew turned up, played the usual tunes, with the usual level of musical competence. Colonel T deftly demonstrated that his chart reading ability remains at the same unusual standard despite the depredations of a Christmas dinner and, judging by the suntan, a few days scaring off the wild life in the upper reaches of nowhere in particular.

Eventually, 25 musos joined in – starting with Trevor on piano, getting better every time. https://www.facebook.com/groups/83551088146/

The Captain, Will, Laurie, and later on Peter Cole and Paul played saxes, whilst Evan played his usual elegant floot, Colonel T (retd) and Ponytail Pete swapped around on bass, Michael Findlay, Chance and Bill hit things in the background, and Ben Stewart made a welcome return on guitar, followed by Fermin, and long time no see Brian, who was rather good. Used to be a regular when we jammed at the Royal Standard, great to see him back..

Singers, you might ask? Well, you probably wouldn’t ask, but if you did, there was Kevin and newcomer Mags, followed by Rose. I like a good ballad every now and then…

Not a lot on piano until Don and Peter Garam turned up late and lit up the joint. At which point those of us who had been up working at 4.30am decided it was time to head home. So I didn’t hear Matt Berg play drums, but he might well have done.

Rather a spiffin’ little session, that. The break must have done us good.

Melbourne Jazz Jammers, proving that you don’t have to learn from experience if you don’t want to, for 23 years…

The Leinster Arms, Gold Street Collingwood, Sunday 22nd January 2017, from 4.00pm

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