The First Jam Session for 2017

Yup, this Sunday 15th January, those of us with short-term memory loss will be darkening the doors of the Gold Street Gossip Shoppe for some mild ballad mangling.

I can confidently say this will be the worst Jam session of the year so far, several otherwise respectable toons will be trashed beyond recognition, and Colonel T of the Fourth Light Punjab Horse (retd), one time conductor of the 237 to Hounslow, will play the riff from Smoke on the Water. Again.

Actually, he might not, because no one knows where he is, and he might be somewhere else at the time. So I can only say that fairly confidently. Or maybe probably. Or possibly, possibly. Or perhaps not at all.

Do drop in if you are at a loose end, as Hortense once said.

Melbourne Jazz Jammers

The Leinster Arms, Gold Street Collingwood,
Sunday 15th January 2017,
from 4.00pm

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