Friday Nights Live at the Royal Standard: and an invitation for 2017

Last week’s Annie Smith gig was a lot of fun if a little quieter – at one stage, every person in the bar was connected with the Jammers. And the food was pretty damn good…

Friday 16th December, Joys Njambi with the Captain Chaos Quartet

Joy’s last session before she sings at the Australian Jazz Convention in Ballarat. Promises to try out some Aretha Franklin and Etta James material along with a selection of jazz standards. Guitarist Ben Stewart will be the featured soloist.


This Friday

Friday 23rd December, Katerina Myskova with the Captain Chaos Quartet

And the year gets rounded out by Katerina – the pub is likely to be packed for this one, but we will squeeze you in. Or it will be almost empty, in which case we will shackle you to the bar…. The Chaos quartet will feature Chance Dorland on drums.


23rd December

An Invitation for 2017 Frank has already asked us back – so we will be contacting some more musicians in the near future – drop us a line at if you are interested.

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