Precocious Brats, Ageing Reprobates and All Blues…

Things are getting out of hand – The good Captain collared a coupla kids, aged about 5 and minus 3 and a bit, and had them playing the drums before we started. Their sister, we were told by Proud Mum, was dying to play the piano. Naturally we agreed on the usual condition that if she was any good at that age (8 or 9) she might be taken out and shot.

Emily’s party piece was duly trotted out – guessing about grade 2 – and would she like to play with a band? – yes please! Colonel T (retd) made the inspired choice of All Blues, we showed her a couple of modal tritones (1), and away we went. Probably the youngest jam session participant ever, and as someone remarked, she will now be mad keen to become a jazz musician (2). I don’t think proud mum even twigged we had consigned her to a lifetime of supporting her daughter.

And after Emily got up at the end and said thank you to the band, a splendid jam session followed – the drumming perceptibly (3) better than when minus 3 and a bit was at it, and Damon and Paul on saxophones (4) absolutely ripping it up.

(1) Modal Tritones: if you know what this means, you are showing off

(2) Jazz musician: posh phrase meaning someone on the dole

(3) Just, nearly, somewhat close to imperceptibly

(4) Saxophones: originally a communication system for the Saxo Salt company, these have degenerated into rattly old brass spitoons.

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