Invaded by German tourists …

Ever taken your wife on holiday? You know the drill. Brief conversation overheard in Germany recently…

“Why do you need three hairdriers? Are 6 pairs of shoes really necessary for a holiday in Australia? You don’t need a deckchair and a blanket on an Australia beach. We have bought tickets on a plane, not the whole plane, maybe a little less luggage… what? You think so? Oh, that, I just thought I might take my guitar on the off chance that I would find somewhere to play it, equipped with charts, a guitar amplifier, a backing band and a singer. Well, you never know … Melbourne maybe, we’ll be there for two days, and will run out of other things to do…”

And thus did jazz guitarist Herbert drag his unsuspecting wife into the Leinster Arms, historic ancestral digs of the clan Glen. And played up a storm – we all loved having them there and hope the rest of the holiday goes well. It is cold and raining in München as we speak, and you would not be Glad to be Bach.

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