A busy week in music… meanwhile at the Lunatic Soup Lounge Jam Session

Well, a busy fortnight really, as we have had musos away last week at Halls Gap for their “new” festival, and this week at Wangaratta Jazz Festival, as well as various goings on in downtown sunny Melbourne.

Last Sunday’s Jam session was certainly different – Don stepped up to the plate to run the session, and I got there late, sat back and enjoyed some great playing.. well, there might have been a bit of rubbish in there, but certainly not from the Don, who played two hours straight and confessed to enjoying himself. That is the idea… He played immaculately throughout.

Obviously fewer musos around – 15 in total – but a cruisey afternoon was had by all.

Good reports from Halls Gap – this Festival was set up by the locals to replace the venerable Festival that is now moving to Port Fairy. It seems the old date carried too great a threat of bushfires, so they have relocated and will now burn down Port Fairy instead… anyhoo, the Captain, the Curtis, the Haircut the Smiff and a host of others all had a good time.

Followed by the Wangaratta Jazz Festival where the jammers got up and boogied at the Bulls Head, with Annie and the Bossa Boys providing the fixed headline set before the others joined in. I am told James Morrison was great, and Ade Ish played a particularly good session.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, good things were happening at the Royal Standard – Joys there for the first time, with Michelle on drums, there for the first time, and Yu on saxophone, also there for the first time. Kip and I provided the rhythm section and watched on as Joys started with an empty pub, got hotter as the night wore on, and finished with the entire pub up and dancing.

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