The more things change . . .

A pleasant little toot up the Hoddle Strasse, followed by the sounds of a Bavarian Brass Band playing Moanin’ as I wandered into the Gold Street Gossip Shoppe and Ladies Tea Roomes for yet another afternoon of indulgence.

Or so I imagined. Quite by mistake, I fronted first and had, instead, the fun of setting up the various bits of hardware, sackbutts, viols, contrabassoons, contrafagotti, cromornes, double bassoons, fifes, fipple flutes, flageolets, flugelhorns, funk band instruments, hautboys, heckelphones, hornpipes, and spittoons that are apparently the necessaries (see note 1) of a jam session. Continue reading →

Friday Night Live at the Royal Standard:

Katerina sang up a storm last week, and will be a hard act to follow…

Which is why we have Joys Njambi singing this Friday. Joys continues to develop her jazz repertoire, and is back at the Royal Standard Hotel – with Omar Cruz on bass, Michael Finlay on drums, TW on piano and Captain Chaos hisself on saxophone. Continue reading →

As I recall:

20 musicians descended on the Leinster Arms on a wet stormy Sunday afternoon to keep the bar staff busy. John Curtis called the early tunes and challenged the early comers to play some seldom heard titles at the jam session. African Flower by Ellington and Jobim’s A Felicidade were examples of these. Continue reading →

Richard From Colliwobble Land

The Yarra Mens Shed and Collingwood Neighbourhood House would like to invite any Jazzers to look at Jam sessions through the week on site, with an aim to perform at Community events on the public housing estates with local residents and cultural groups.


The group would link with the already establish Harmonicas, Uke Group, Vocal Boogie, local Hip Hop and beat makers, Belly Slap, Community Choirs, Yarra Mens Blues band, Cross Cultural groups…. all established groups, just missing one….Jazz.


So if interested, proficiency is not required, elementary and enthusiasm is (it is community based), feel free to drop in Wednesday 10.30am or Thursdays 12.30pm school term and have a chat.

Collingwood Neighbourhood House Ground Floor 253 Hoddle St Collingwood or call 9417 4856. Rikardo

Invaded by German tourists …

Ever taken your wife on holiday? You know the drill. Brief conversation overheard in Germany recently…

“Why do you need three hairdriers? Are 6 pairs of shoes really necessary for a holiday in Australia? You don’t need a deckchair and a blanket on an Australia beach. We have bought tickets on a plane, not the whole plane, maybe a little less luggage… what? You think so? Oh, that, I just thought I might take my guitar on the off chance that I would find somewhere to play it, equipped with charts, a guitar amplifier, a backing band and a singer. Well, you never know … Melbourne maybe, we’ll be there for two days, and will run out of other things to do…”

And thus did jazz guitarist Herbert drag his unsuspecting wife into the Leinster Arms, historic ancestral digs of the clan Glen. And played up a storm – we all loved having them there and hope the rest of the holiday goes well. It is cold and raining in München as we speak, and you would not be Glad to be Bach.

Friday Night Live at the Royal Standard: Strictly Ange

This week, the gorgeous Ange Strickland will be singing – a late sub for Joys whose tonsils have a bad case of itis. Not to worry, Ange is one of me absolute fave singers, and will arrived with a bunch of terrifying charts, and a sweet smile on her dial. The rhythm section comprises Kip “I didn’t vote for him” Dale, Michelle Morrison and meself. Captain Chaos hisself will be soloing.


Ange Strickland with the Captain Chaos Quartet, Royal Standard Hotel, 333 William Street, North Melbourne – from 7.00 – 9.30pm. Friday 11th November

From Geoff Woollan

Could the jams be streamed live from the Lunatic Soup Lounge so those of us a little further away could listen as well ?

As for criticism, clearly non-existent management is doing something right as the definition of bad management is being unable to organise a piss-up in a brewery. It would seem that the products of the brewery are an important part of the technique.

GW as opposed to TW from 10,000 + miles away

A busy week in music… meanwhile at the Lunatic Soup Lounge Jam Session

Well, a busy fortnight really, as we have had musos away last week at Halls Gap for their “new” festival, and this week at Wangaratta Jazz Festival, as well as various goings on in downtown sunny Melbourne.

Last Sunday’s Jam session was certainly different – Don stepped up to the plate to run the session, and I got there late, sat back and enjoyed some great playing.. well, there might have been a bit of rubbish in there, but certainly not from the Don, who played two hours straight and confessed to enjoying himself. That is the idea… He played immaculately throughout. Continue reading →