Jam Session, cheap booze and Broken Promises

Last Sunday’s Jam was the third biggest turn out of musos we have ever had. Props to Rod and Bette back on a brief trip from some sweaty dive north of Borneo) for dragging so many through the door, and sorry you had to shout all afternoon to maintain the constant banter to which you are accustomed.

So, about those loud saxaphones and rattly ol’ drummers. No point in telling either to turn it down, as they are all industrially deaf. Can’t imagine why…

Actually, Carlton won the prize for turning it all up to 11, and then playing 43,521 notes in rapid succession, of which almost all bore some relation to the toon being massacred at the time.

What else… erm, after an opening stanza from Daniel, a mildly bandaged Il Duce hit things, as did the unmentionable (I promised not to mention him) Mr Hurch. . Whoops, don’t read that bit, or at least don’t tell anybody you did. Ashley played and sang, occasionally all at the same time. And Bill Swannie possibly sued the snare drum, but ethically, which was nice…

Ben Stewart made a rare appearance, played his usual elegant guitar, followed by Markoen ditto, Col T and the Kuhn held down the bass duties until Peter, electric bass and ponytail, and then Omar turned up: and Tony, Paul, the Captain and Will (I think) all fiddled with the dreadful Belgian’s device, whilst Seph was back with some entirely convincing trumpet.

Rory Clark, Tony from Wangaratta or Pascoe Vale, I forget which, and meself had a bit of fun with the piano.

And singers! Cheryl Kelly, first time at a jam, probably the pick of them (Hush Now, Don’t Explain) , Brian got up with some class backing, struggled to find the pitch, then nailed it and did enough to suggest he has a pretty good voice; a great return from Ange Whateverhersurnameisthisweek, with a fine rendition of My Funny Valentine. Kevin did his usual thing with his usual elegance.

By the time Chico, Vlad, Kay, and Cardinal Calamatta had turned up and had a dip, we was all feeling a bit knackered. All up, 28 musos got up, several didn’t, and our promise last week that things would be back to normal was well and truly broken.

Maybe things will get back to normal next week – a few desultory souls will contrive to mangle the same old tunes, Little Sunflower will run for it usual 16 minutes, we will persist in believing we can play Stolen Moments and have it sounding good (you can have one or the other, but not both) and someone will turn up with no charts, ask to sing Autumn Leaves, and introduce the band..

Should be fun.

Stick to the black notes, they’re cheaper!

Marj has been posting videos again: Ange, Rory Clark, a load of old rubbish…



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