A Busy Day at the Ol’ Leinster Basement De Blues

Quite what has happened to the Jams of late is likely to remain a mystery. Suffice it to say that, after a few weeks struggling out of the doldrums of mediocrity, last Sunday’s session was positively frenetic, with previously unheard of things going on, like really good pianists turning up, and the entire ensemble making noises that even the cognoscenti would begrudgingly recognise as somewhat jazz…

All of which is almost unjammer like, but what the hell, it was fun…

So – Sam Izzo opened the batting after some desultory work by the regulars in the nets, and with Ivan on his enormous double bass, and trumpeter Seph finding his feet, proceeded to dispatch quite a few toons to the boundary. The Captain, in avuncular mood as ever, was persuaded to let the lads run with it, and in no time at all, Laurie Savage had joined in, along with Tony (saxophone), Michael and Bill alternating on drums. Cath Connor then contributed a hot set on keys, Katerina got up and sang, Gill and Tiina romped through some jazz ballads – has any one noticed what a good voice Gill has got, I think it must be all the gin she drinks or something, then Ade Ish topped it all off, being persuaded by the Captain to play Metheny’s “Now and Forever” – the Captain Chaos version of course.

Brian sang – getting more confident methinks – Markoen played guitar elegantly, and Colonel T of the Fourth Light Punjab Horse, retd., was back to jump on bass or guitar or just sit back and listen – and played some pretty good stuff as the innings wore on. Newcomer Minhuius got up and sang – kept running a way as she was convinced we wouldn’t want a second verse, but with a voice that good, who cares if the singer has never sung in public before. More please!

No Jam is complete without a Puerto Rican called Omar, and luckily one turned up to play electric bass, which was just as well as Ivan’s fingers were down to the knuckles by this stage. And to top it all off, the Reverend Kevin popped in with Ann on floot for some magic stuff later on.

What a day! We were damn lucky to get through it by 8.00, although for all I know they are still at it. Great stuff all round.

And if you missed it, things will be back to normal next Sunday, promise.


And for those whose threshold of boredom is already lapping round their ankles, check out the FB page – usual deal, like it, share it, whatever. Marg’s been posting videos


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