Carruthers plays up…

“I don’t like it, Carruthers, its, its just too damned quiet….”

Carruthers has, apparently fixed that, and now the jams are almost too damned noisy instead. Last week saw a mixed bag of trophies pinned to the ancestral walls of the mouldering pile, and we will skip, figuratively, over the opening salvo – a piping hot set with Sam Izzo at the keys – and get to the guts of the matter, which was the sight of Il Duce twinkle toeing across the dance floor to tell the five, read it and weep, five saxaphones to shut the f*** up. Messrs Chaos, Cardinal Calamatta, Alan West, Tony and Laurie Savage were the guilty parties.


A piping hot set: Haircut, Savage, De Wang and Izzo – who departed after this, leaving the others to go downhill all afternoon

Props to Captain Chaos who responded to Il Duce’s complaint by blaming the fearful racket on the hapless rhythm section, a bunch of fine upstanding citizens (Haircut, meself and Ashley de Wang,) who could not be more innocent if we tried, which of course we didn’t, it being a Sunday arvo.


Ashley de Wang: he sang, he guitared, he drummed, he didn’t buy me a drink

All of which made a fine ol’ racket, counterpoint to the ear-sweet offerings from Tiina (piano) and Gill (tonsils) who get better every time I hear them. They even did an original.

Chico and first timer Charminder played guitar, Kay Lai the best of the pianists, the quietly improving Brian sang, David played some flute, sang and produced the most corrupted chart of the day, Evan played some cool clarinet (sounds so much better than those dreadful massed saxes) Debbie did a pretty good imitation of the Debster, the Hurch fiddled with the drums as usual, and Richard played some neat keys as the sun went down..

You may detect from this that the Jam sessions are getting back up to speed, after a bit of a winter lull. Time will tell, but all the musos who turned up made for a busy afternoon, particularly for the Captain; who was fair knackered by the time I left, but still managed some more…

Splendid effort, Carruthers. More please!

See ya Sunday?

And some social media links for all three of you who are reading this at work, and have nothing better to do….Seems like a fair few people are clicking on the links to both Facebook and Melband, just to see what all the fuss is about

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