So Who Goes to Jam Sessions these days?

One sometimes wonders. I wandered somewhat thirsty into the mouldering pile about ten minutes late last Sunday. Numbers have been down of late, but they are slowly climbing yet again, and any day now the self appointed elites will descend in numbers upon us, demand excessive playing time and generally make the rest of us look average. To which we have always aspired…

We had Singers, for a change: two of the very best rolled up: Katerina Myskova, and Anne Hayres. And some might fine tonsil work ensued – the pick of them My Funny Valentine, with young Curtis and Alan Richards in fine form, and The End of a Love Affair – Myskova’s latin number, complete with chords like A# maj7 and Bb7#9 followed by D#9#13. (*) see footnote

Kevin rounded out the tonsil work nicely – few singers can step in so well regardless of key – and the rest of the afternoon was given over to instrumentals, Peter on Bass, Taariq on everything. He was even given the opportunity to nominate a tune, choosing one he didn’t know. Nice one Colonel!

Dreamy little cocktail set from John, Alex on drums, and good to see Daniel back (drums) as well as a solid session from Bill Swannie. Michael was cajoled into some latin beat and swung all the harder afterwards. And Captain Chaos got a pretty free run on sax – Mr Magic the pick of the toons.

And Geoff and I rounded out the piano department meanwhile…

So who does go to Jam Sessions? – the overly eager, the overly modest, the fomentors of chaos (the Captain, it must be admitted, can’t do it all on his own), the innocent lambs to the first time slaughter, the bass players who drive it all along, the overly loud guitarists and saxophonists who sound about right – in Abbotsford; and the ones we dread most of all – anyone who announces themselves as a professional musician.

Not to mention the drummers – who are in a class of their own, and quite possibly have no clue what this all means. Help is at hand – just call 1300 655506.

So, who goes to jam sessions these days? Turns out, plenty, and a good time was had by all.

See ya Sunday?

And some social media links to copy and paste for the seriously underoccupied….

(*) These chord chart hieroglyphics will, of course, only make sense to pianists and guitarists, the rest of the jammers being incapable of playing more than one note at a time, and some of them struggling to achieve even that…


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