Jam Session News: It’s dropping off…

As Hortense might have said, had she been there, which she could have been. There have been some quieter weeks for the jam sessions of late – for whatever reason, fewer singers in particular. All of which creates a greater opportunity for those that do turn up, and this week’s 15 or so musos all got plenty of playing time.

The Newsletter goes AWOL. The Captain was somewhat concerned that only 7 or 8 people turned up a fortnight ago, and suggested we shouldn’t mention it, which of course we won’t. Despite our best piracy efforts from Devizes, the e-mail wasn’t going out, and as a result, the newsletter got around 300 hits this month, rather than the usual 1200 – 1500. Mea culpa.

The Lunatics take over the Asylum, again…  Doug “Haircut” Kuhn (emaciated bass), shy and retiring President of the Castlemaine Jazz Festival, kicked off proceedings and directed the traffic for a while, in the absence of Captain Chaos who was upcountry scaring the livestock or something. Meanwhile, back at the Ponderosa…

Half of Wangaratta comes to town. Possibly the good half…Ashley, of Wangaratta fame, dragged his mate Tony into the bar, and had a wander through the Sinatra songbook – Don’t Get Around Much Anymore a highlight.

Pianists turn up Last week saw a return to form, of sorts, with a couple of very fine pianists ( Tony from Wangaratta providing the swing, and Don of some fine bebop chops later on.) The afternoon started with a classic Jam Session fourpiece – two Peters (bass and piano), Il Duce on the drums and Colonel T (retd) on guitar. All good musos, but for whatever reason, a clash of styles – they certainly got better as the arvo wore on, and by the time we had encouraged Colonel T to some bebop with Don, a lively set ensued…

Singers: Can they read in Hobart? Nadira wandered in from Tassie, as you do, and was encouraged to get up for a warble. Fine singer too, although she created another first for the Jam Sessions – called one tune then sang another by mistake, which, as we were transposing without charts, made it all a bit interesting. Nice one… Later on, Rose Harvey sang an entertaining little set, by way of amusing, bemusing or confusing the growing, lightly medicated audience – seemed to go down well.

Drummers: All class for once, with Michael and Bill swapping around, never getting in the way of the soloists, or each other, for that matter. We called fours and played twos, as the Captain was absent.

Soloists: Paul (sax) lead the charge all day, Cardinal Calamatta joined in. Sweet!

One of those days you might put down as being quiet, unless you were there, in which case it would be ticked off as one of the better jam sessions. Hortense or not!

See ya Sunday?

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