Lunatic Soup Lounge Blues…From the Empire of Chaos

Sunday 24th July
They came from near and far to attend the cacophony of sound Sunday 24th July at the Leinster Arms. David from Dingee (North of Bendigo) with his alto saxophone and voice. Ashley from Wangaratta, who, along with Audrey (soon to head back to Belgium), vocalised.  Even two visitors from South Africa came to listen.

Three first timers..…Adrian and his guitar, David and his amazing mini accordion, Saha on bass and Kay who played cool keys. An occasional visitor, Shannon, made the bar guys happy by singing jazzy pop tunes. Newer regulars Paul (smooth tenor and piano) and Michael (drums) added their class to the proceedings. Regulars, John (piano), Peter (bass) , Marion (recorder) Ivan (bass) Alan (drums) Bill (drums) Alan (alto and percussion), Richard (piano) and Keith (tenor and clarinet) added their expertise to a great afternoon of spontaneous and, at times, groovy jazz.
Editor’s note: Should anyone still be in any doubt as to the Captain’s ability to count up to four, check the first sentence, second para…

Sunday 31st July at the Leinster Arms

A quieter day and an earlier finish. Lots of enthusiastic performers.
Dan, Michael and Bill arrived early to play drums. Peter (Garum) and Kay played keys. Peter, Gary and Ivan shared the bass duties and Taariq played guitar. Katerina sang some fine vocals along with Kevin and Brian.  Laurie tooted on his bari. and was later joined by Alan (alto) and Keith (tenor and clarinet). Christine (vocals) and Bruce (drums)  also appeared towards the end.

Two experimental pieces that worked quiet well were Mr Magic (Grover Washington Jr), called by Taariq and an Alan West blues to finish off the day. We then handed the venue back to Glen so that he could set up for a staff function

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