Jam Session News: There isn’t any, the Editor has gone AWOL, and the extra 3b reserve copy boy is off to the land of the long white pom…

Other than that, last week’s jam, much enlivened by the absence of Messrs Chaos and Kuhn, started quiet, stayed quiet mostly, and was rather fun all arvo.. by the time we had finished, 22 musos had had a dip, nothing got broken and nobody died…

In yet another first, we opened proceedings with a new singer, Carol, accompanied by a new pianist, Kay, and an old bass player, Colonel T of the Fourth Light Punjab Horse (retd). Putting tyros together is a recipe for disaster, but fortunately, none of the jammers can cook, and it all turned out rather well..

Colonel T, who gave up a promising career as a bus conductor on the No 436 to Hemel Hempstead, or not as the case may be, was still playing bass some 4 hours and 15 minutes later, having carried his bat through the whole schemozzle. Fine effort made all the sweeter by the eponymous Mr T actually playing some swing tunes properly, possibly as a joke, whilst failing to get a dollar for every time he had to play Summertime.

In between which, there was some fine sax from Paul, and Alan West, Jack Morris on his extendable large trumpet, Lisette, Geoff , Peter , and Richard on keys, no guitarists for a change, Bill, Steve, Michael and some young dude on drums, Kevin on tonsils, a cameo from Chrissie and Bruce, which elicited the inevitable “turn it effing down” from the management, and fine sets on tonsils from the Debster and Donna.

The evening ended late with the inevitable Route 66 massed choir (well, Debster, Donna and Chrissie anyway) and a final trot through People Get Ready.

Next week sees a whole new ball game. Due to a scheduling cock-up, the Editor has gone to the Gorbals or something, the extra 3 B reserve copyboy is off to see his aged aunt in Oxfordshire and Captain Chaos has run out of pencils. Which leaves Bendigo Towers, world headquarters of the Jazz Jammers Newsletter since 2008, deathly quiet and slightly deserted, and us all a bit stumped for how next week’s Newsletter might turn out. Maybe Madge from Altona will see to it.

Should be a corker…toodlepip!

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