Jam Session News: Getting better, or trying or something… and another week in the salt mines to follow…

There are many, many Jam Sessions which are carefully planned, scrupulously organised and meticulously focussed on, generally, “modern” jazz, which, for reasons which escape me, means jazz first performed by African American heroin addicts some time between 1954 and about 1966, and slavishly copied by middle class kids in Jazz courses the world over ever since.

The Lunatic Soup Lounge Session is not one of those… as I discovered when I sauntered through the door last Sunday arvo, to be greeted by the bizarre sight of Colonel T on keys and Sir Roger De Coverly, the cad, swing his black sax around, Captain Chaos having retired to the bar, his work apparently done.

Disorder was soon restored, and there followed yet another afternoon of dubious music, from the likes of Paul (sax), Laurie (“my sax is bigger than yours”), Ashley (sax, and that’s my mum over there), the avuncular Kevin (guitar), Ann (floot, and that’s my daughter over there), Billondrums when Michael wasn’t, Il Duce on drums for a while, Doug, Ivan and Peter all on basses of various types and persuasions, and later cameos from Lisette, John (piano) and Alex (drums) although in truth I had left before the latter two got going.

In summary, an enjoyable session, no great heights aspired to, or reached, but some diverse and entertaining music making along the way; and always that thought that next week, maybe, something different will happen.

It hardly ever does, of course, but the jams are sustained by a dash of enthusiasm, as little competence as we can get away with, and warm applause for someone who just got better, or tried, or something. That sort of thing can set you up for another week in the salt mines.

See ya Sunday?

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