Jam Session News: Madge, where have you been?

I saw Madge from Altona the other day – and am pleased to report that she is remarkably chipper, having taken to amusing herself by giving wildly creative answers to door knockers, phone pollsters and shady politicians, all of whom appear to remarkably keen to hear Madge’s opinion on a wide range of subjects, ask her a startling array of questions, and then leave none the wiser, assuming they didn’t really want to know about alternative uses for the Pigeon Fanciers Gazette.

And Hortense, you may well ask? She may have been at the Jam this Sunday, lurking somewhat hesitantly in the nether regions of the back bar, trying to screw up the courage to sing something. It has been an age since the heady days of the Strangled Ferret cabaret soirees, and if Hortense can get no further than the nether regions, it is either because it has been a long time since she screwed up the courage, or anything else for that matter: or force of habit, or both, who knows…

But I digress: got an emergency call to the jam session from the Captain in search of a pianist, and tootled up the Hoddle, to find Gentleman John Curtis in full control of almost everything, and a lively bunch of tunesters engaged in blowing up a bit of what could only be described as jazz on a dark night with the lights turned out and the wind blowing in the other direction. I hung about…

… For what turned into a busy, busy session – 25 musos fronted, including Laurie on the Bari, The Captain back from Castlemaine, Geoff , Peter, John and Tina on piano, Col. T (retd), a coupla real good drummers (Michael, Bill, Alex, none of whom spoke French), Bevan de Clarinet, Carlton and Chico, Miss Payet, the Haircut and/or Pete on bass, Roger Clark no e, Peter Cole, Red Hat Calamatta amongst the saxes, Pop Up Ann on Floot, Kevin B, and a bunch of others who I should mention, but probably won’t.

Highlights? Michael on drums, a slightly nervous Steph getting up to sing jazz for the first time, and doing it slightly good we thought, and a smooth rendition of You Don’t Know What Love Is, from the Captain, Roger C, Gentleman John Curtis and others. And just because we were wondering how many saxes were there, the Captain called Tenor Madness: and they all got up.

The Jammers were hot at it when I left, probably blowing still. A fun session indeed.

See ya next week?

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