From the Clinic

The rehabilitation clinic for the tone deaf resumed on Sunday at the Leinster Arms after a quiet week with so many away at the Castlemaine Jazz Festival.

Early on I spied Roger “vote 1 Tories” Clark with his alto saxophone, Doug “I don’t play loud LSD Funk Rock” Kuhn on bass ; Sam “too loud and I‘ll quit” Izzo on keys and new face Michael who admitted he knew nothing about jazz drumming on the drums.

I took up the guitar at the Capitano of Chaos’ behest and a few interesting non-antediluvian and non-show tunes were mangled including “Black Nile” by Wayne Shorter, “ Cheese Cake” by Dexter Gordon and a number by groover and reed honker of yore Hank Mobley.

Drummers included Steve Bray, who occasionally strayed into territory once the exclusive preserve of Animal from the Muppets; Sam Izzo, who could lend new meaning to the term “drummer”; Bill, who played the drums on numbers such as “Work song”, then Bruce of the perpetual shuffle beat backing Vocalist Chrissie in a late in the day performance of “Black Coffee” and one too many 12 Bar blues.

Gentleman John Curtis tickled the keys on a few tunes, with Kay singing some numbers selected from her SE Asian menu songbook. Number 7 has less MSG than the others. And Ivaan the terrible showed us how it is really done with his 5 string double bass.

Youkie from Japan sat in for a few songs on the keyboard before returning to Tokyo. Sayonara Youkie San – Come back any day you like!

Ted “The comeback kid” Woollan, fresh from the North Northcote Jazz festival played quite a few old songs on the piano , some of which were recognized by the audience and even by the jammers who were playing them – including that old soul jazz warhorse “Coming Home Baby“.

Kevin The Bespectacled Warbler refused to give any sign what so ever that he was going to come in at his trademark bizarre place in the song sheet. Keeps the musos on their toes… Ebony Rose sang some fine vocals – she also jumped in when least expected, but was at least contrite and apologetic about it so that is a mitigating factor.

Donna sang some standards gently swung, John Calamata and Peter Cole traded saxaphone licks, as did the Captain, in between orchestrating the chaos, and Marion contributed some fine recorder playing – in fact, she may have been the best recorder player at the Jam.

I shall be bushwalking in the snow next week, but am advised that Madge from Altona may re-appear. Can’t make the music any worse

Mr T

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