Jazz Jam Report 29 May 2016

I have returned from a solo hike from the Howqua river up the mountain known as The Bluff (1725 M) and back in a 32 km circuit with 1500 M elevation gain on day one, over 16 kms. The steep mountainous escarpment that is the Bluff is opposite Mt Buller. That was a tough, challenging and cathartic experience.

So too are the conditions some jammers must operate in order to successfully mangle some half decent tunes from the pre Cambrian era. A quiet start to the Jazz jam meant Doug” I don’t do loud acid rock” Kuhn could hear himself think on bass, which may or may not be a bad thing. Maybe the noise keeps ‘the demons’ away!

Ben Stewart started things off on the guitar with the drummer you are having when you are not having a drummer ( this humble scribe ) sitting in for the first shift on drums for at least 90 minutes before yielding the percussion seat to somebody else. Yes I do speed up sometimes but that could be better than slowing down.

The Captain of Chaos continued the chaos on Saxophone. Geoff played a spot of piano before being relieved of this burden by Gentleman John Curtis. Kay sang some songs from her Chinese menu song book. Songs Number 8 and 32 both contain the stir fried noodles with eggs, bock choy, chilies with added MSG and some predictable chord changes. One Note Samba had a tight ending with a cymbal choke.

A rarity!

Ivaan the terrible took over from Doug on Bass and the larger than life Ms. Armelle Delaney sang some songs including a fast Latin number by A.C. Jobim: So Danço Samba, with me on drums playing that one Latin pattern I can do at any speed,with Evan on Clarinet and a possibly suspect not quite in tune reed added to the cacophony.

Here is the original for those who prefer music to what the Jazz jammers dish out each week.

Alex of the Ukrainian guitar mafia appeared with his PRS guitar and played his characteristically fluent axe which is always better than his drumming. Julie also sang some numbers with or without a drummer, I am not sure it would have improved things either way. Peter and Tony also added saxophones and Ted Woolan played piano and complained that my drumming has improved but was still too loud. “ What?, I can’t hear you !” ..bang bang, crash crash . . .”

Melinda Traves sang Spooky and Don’t go to Strangers, also with this correspondent on drums.

Joni Mitchell’s version of Don’t go to Strangers is my pick of the week.


Sebastien, the French animal from the Muppets took over on red wine and drumming and aural anarchy. Peter played some songs on his horn towards the end, including Lucky Southern by Keith Jarrett which is not a crusty old show tune from 1398 AD, Which was when Timur the Lame of Central Asian warlord fame sacked and razed Delhi in India. The musical theatre show about this event was not very popular in India at the time with the survivors of this cheery but violent man’s visit to Delhi, and so thankfully we were spared revisiting any such arcane songs.

I played piano and filled in the gaps here and there for the last stretch. Doug was back on Bass and the young fella in the baseball hat whose father is a quite a good pianist sat in on drums with the Captain on sax. That wasn’t a total train wreck and so the jam concluded in this low key manner with not a note being played by me on bass or guitar. Many would say that is a good thing but I just fill in where I can as best I can.

Next week: A gear review of the T.C. Electronics’ Looper pedal, the “Ditto x 2”. It is a very handy piece of gear for musicians.

See you next week, like it or not!


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