From The Leinster

Jazz jam report.15.5.16

The Jazz Jam was already underway when I appeared, at the Leinster arms on Sunday. Glenn the publican was on drums, Doug “I don’t do loud acid rock” Kuhn was on unplugged double bass, Sam ” too loud and I ‘ll quit“ Izzo was on piano with the Captain of Chaos on Saxophone and Robb R. was on guitar and chart reading ordeals.

Not long after that I took up position as the ‘Clayton’s drummer’, the drummer you are having when you are not having a drummer.

Mr. Tim on Reeds and trumpet led the jammers through some above average song choices played at swinging tempos faster than 120 BPM including “ Giant steps” and “Milestones”. Andy Moon appeared on double Bass and he added his MSO magic touch to the proceedings despite my plodding ¾ drumming on “Alice in Wonderland” and 6/8 drumming on “All Blues”. It was the same drum pattern! P. Just like Mortein (a toxic agent used for killing flies), when you are on a good thing, stick to it.

Kevin the Bespectacled Warbler sang a song or two with Sam also occasionally playing the theme to suggest an actual pitch and steady key centre. Ted Woollan played piano as part of his rehabilitation plan, but the songs could not be rehabilitated and seem to seldom recover from the brain salad surgery that jammers often perform upon them. Peter of the Pony tailed tribe played electric bass while Robb R., Paddy and Alex took it in turns to play guitar.

I also played some guitar and Mike H. a.k.a ‘Ratty ‘ (drumicus ratticus would be Latin term in Biology ) was on lead drums and arguing with Alan West while I mangled ”Stellar by starlight”, again!!, on the piano. Peter played the Charlie Parker song “My little red book“ on his Saxophone and Dennis (direct from the Kremlin in Moscva,Da!) Really played his saxophone rather well on many tunes. Allan West appeared on Saxophone and percussion and played some of his own songs which is always a nice change from the pre French Revolution ho hum pre jazz era, pre be bop show tunes that singers always seem to inflict on the jammers and the listeners.

Yukie again played piano with growing confidence and Animal from the Muppets, a.k.a Monsieur Sebestien was upstaged and usurped on the drums and percussion by Guitarist Paddy’s very young daughter (preschool /early primary school age ??) who has a better sense of rhythm than many of the Jammers, possibly this rambling rhythmically dyslexic scribe included (that would not be that hard in my case).

Allan Richards was all ready to play the drums when another fellow also of the pony tailed tribe who was too talented or too good looking to have a name took over on drums and denied Allan his moment in the sun or under the electric pub lighting in this case. Richard sat in on piano and was part of the train wreck of the week: “Lucky Southern “ by Keith Jarrett.

Highlights of the week may have been “Milestones”, the Miles Davis song or “Billie’s Bounce” with Alex and Dennis shredding the solos in true a Slavic frenzy, but I could be wrong about that.

Overall the shortage of singers on Sunday made for more interesting song selection which meant some less hackneyed material was put through the jazz jammers’ mincer and blender and mangled into the same chaotic cacophony as the usual pre Magna Carta era soppy show tunes that singers seem to thrive on.

I may be away hiking next week, blazing the trail on one more green season hike before the snow season commences! So the show will go on whether I am there or not: Like it or not!


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