From the Leinster

Of late somebody has been editing my rambling and sometimes raving reports so that the facts, negative and/or realistic coverage, anecdotes, jokes ,black humour, mangled sayings, obscure tangents and offbeat turns of phrase have been gutted and don t even scan properly in terms of syntax or intended meaning. I am on strike in terms of being very colorful all the time until the old editor returns from his convalescence from surgery.

The Jazz Jam started quietly with only Doug I don t do fusion or acid rock Kuhn and the Captain of chaos being present when I darkened the door of the Leinster arms hotel. Geoff was roped into playing some piano while this scribe filled in on clayton’s drummer drums with wavering time, misplaced fills and all. Bern sang and then Peter of the pony tail tribe appeared on bass and Doug went off to chillax and after having to play with me on drums, he needed a beer!

The Captain of chaos continued his chaotic ways on Saxophone and low and behold! who walked in but none other the jazz jammers version of Lazarus back from serious surgery. Ted Woollan seems to have mellowed after his brush with the bony fellow with the scythe. I ploughed on using the brushes on the drums while Ted played some keys on In walked Bud, another non Black disabled Lesbian Puppet workshop musical tune by the late and great Modern jazz master Thelonious Monk.

Ivaan the terrible of the 5 string double bass club walked in and it was raining bassists. Well sort of. A fellow whose name escapes me because he is either too good looking or too talented and who insists on tuning the drums that he can’t really play sat in on the drums . Then what happened on the drums during Wayne Shorter s Footprints in 6/4 was best summed up Ivaan, who agreed with me that if you cannot say anything nice then don’t say anything at all.

Glenn the Publican has declared that all the experts of drum tuning should have drum tuning time,(DTT) but somewhere else! Audrey sang some songs in French and I swapped over to guitar and ran through an Albert King 16 bar funk blues and did the vocals on it too. No other guitarist appeared so people had to suffer through my six string outbursts thenceforth.

Allan Richards improved the drumming standard greatly even if the drum stool is too low and his back really was sore. Gentleman John Curtis led the jammers on the piano through the Thelonious Monk song Epistrophy and I enjoyed playing something that was not a 1530’s musical theatre song for a change. Peter appeared on Saxophone for a Charlie Parker tune and Yukie saan (konichee waa and Sayonara ) did really well on the piano playing the last song of the night and the true highlight of the night , a really together , upbeat and swinging version of Black Nile by Modern Jazz master Wayne Shorter. Yes a real Blue Note era jazz tune that does not have the usual same old, same old show tune chords. We nailed it too. Once in a while that kind of standard of jamming slips through to the keeper and gees up the regulars who live in hope of a non-train wreck or a chart that is almost interesting and unpredictable. We cannot let that happen every time or people will begin to talk and have false expectations!! See you all next week.
Mr. T.

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