The show must go on!

The workshop for the DIY Musical patients started quietly with your humble scribe appearing on bass with the 89 year old Kevin on drums and lead hearing aid. The Captain of chaos was on saxophone , and Gentleman John Curtis was on piano.

This was the calm before the storm. Animal from the Muppets a.k.a Monsieur Sebastien then took over the drums for some Muppet mayhem. Ivaan the terrible and no less a black belt saan took over 5 string double bass while your humble scribe sat in on drums while Animal from the Muppets studied his wine. I even asked for fours not once but twice on the drums and pounded it out.

Kevin the bespectacled warbler stayed true to form by singing songs that were declared old fashioned back in the 1920 s and coming in half way through songs rather than at the start . Fermin appeared on guitar only to be relieved from this burden by newcomer Paddy on his Ibanez 6 string axe, backed by his very young daughter on percussion . Elliot Joe then promoted the virtues of ESP brand guitars (Elliot s still playing = ESP). Audrey came and sang an original song in French and Sunny in French.

During these train wrecks and partially successful attempts at live music a rather drunken woman swayed happily to the music. She was very, very hammered but having fun in her own world. Yukie, a newcomer on piano (and a charming young woman she is too) was playing a waltz on the piano with Allan West adding percussion when the Drunken woman was asked to leave by the Management because she was gone matey gone as we used to say in my drugs and beer days. (We never caused any trouble in my dope smoking days, we were way too stoned to pass the bong let alone turn the Hendrix record over click click click click click .hey man the record is over )

I mean good manners don t cost nuffink do they?? to quote the crazed English voice that appears just before the sax. solo on Us and Them By Pink Floyd. However I kept playing my plodding waltz rhythm on the drums while this scene was unfolding. The show must go on !!! and it did albeit with fewer people than before things became unpleasant. That was the nadir of the jam.

Mike Hirsch then took over on the drums and the standard of drumming improved very quickly. Lisette played piano and sang . Uncle Jack sang a couple of songs too and later Richard played some piano . Hopefully the calm vibes and the healing powers of music were restored.

The highlight was an attempt by the Jammers to Play the Monk Tune Epistrophy which is not your usual 1930’s show tune. I was thrilled to be part of that and of course I knew my way around it and all. I have been coming to the Jazz jam for about 11 years. It has been held at many venues over the years and has always been a friendly scene where you can bring your children or girlfriend.

Mr T

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