Jazz Jam Report 29 May 2016

I have returned from a solo hike from the Howqua river up the mountain known as The Bluff (1725 M) and back in a 32 km circuit with 1500 M elevation gain on day one, over 16 kms. The steep mountainous escarpment that is the Bluff is opposite Mt Buller. That was a tough, challenging and cathartic experience.

So too are the conditions some jammers must operate in order to successfully mangle some half decent tunes from the pre Cambrian era. A quiet start to the Jazz jam meant Doug” I don’t do loud acid rock” Kuhn could hear himself think on bass, which may or may not be a bad thing. Maybe the noise keeps ‘the demons’ away! Continue reading →

From The Leinster

Jazz jam report.15.5.16

The Jazz Jam was already underway when I appeared, at the Leinster arms on Sunday. Glenn the publican was on drums, Doug “I don’t do loud acid rock” Kuhn was on unplugged double bass, Sam ” too loud and I ‘ll quit“ Izzo was on piano with the Captain of Chaos on Saxophone and Robb R. was on guitar and chart reading ordeals.

Not long after that I took up position as the ‘Clayton’s drummer’, the drummer you are having when you are not having a drummer.

Mr. Tim on Reeds and trumpet led the jammers through some above average song choices played at swinging tempos faster than 120 BPM including “ Giant steps” and “Milestones”. Continue reading →

From Marion

Hi all,
Following a recent packed out CD launch, Marion Lustig’s band Sweet Ade is doing another gig at Open Studio, this one at the convenient time of 5-7 pm on Saturday, May 28.
Come along before dinner and grab a copy of our new CD, entitled Sweet Ade: Celebrating Ade Monsbourgh and the Recorder.
Bring your kids or grandkids, especially if they play the recorder.
Best wishes,

From the Leinster

Of late somebody has been editing my rambling and sometimes raving reports so that the facts, negative and/or realistic coverage, anecdotes, jokes ,black humour, mangled sayings, obscure tangents and offbeat turns of phrase have been gutted and don t even scan properly in terms of syntax or intended meaning. I am on strike in terms of being very colorful all the time until the old editor returns from his convalescence from surgery.

The Jazz Jam started quietly with Continue reading →

Soul Trane–by Jamie Oehlers

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the album “Soul Trane”, undoubtedly one of the finest saxophonists of the John Coltrane school, Jamie Oehlers presents the music of probably the best known saxophonist in jazz music history. 

Coltrane’s music ranges from beautiful, haunting ballads and tone poems, to highly energetic and powerful modal improvisations. Expect tunes like Naima, Resolution (from A Love Supreme), Dear Lord and Central Park West.

Performing with Sam Keevers on piano, Chris Hale on bass and Danny Fischer on the drums.
Friday 13th May @ 8:00pm

more details click here