Dear Tripsters…

Adam Rudegeair’s Bayou Tapestry
Thursday April 21st at 9pm
Bennetts Lane Jazz Club
25 Bennetts Lane, Melbourne

Pianist and composer Adam Rudegeair’s 2011 release Bayou Tapestry is a concept record, rooted in the primordial fonk of New Orleans and filtered through a 21st century jazz lens. The material from that album has now been resurrected (a la the classic Haitian zombi) as a band project.

It’s a sweltering groove gumbo of voodoo rhythms, razor horns and eerie swamp melodies, inspired in equal parts by Dr John’s seminal Gris-Gris album, and the DC comic Swamp Thing. Featuring the gutbucket whirlwind that is special guest Henry Manetta on vocals, plus the occasional original rap from Adam himself, Bayou Tapestry will transport you to a deeply funky place outside of time, where the solos reach into your brain like rapidly growing tendrils and vines.
In addition to Adam’s original compositions, the performance will include deep-fried and jazzified versions of tunes by the likes of Tom Waits and Dr John.
Bayou Tapestry are a regular fixture at Melbourne’s annual Fat Tuesday event, and were invited to perform at Melbourne Music Week’s New Orleans Street Party in 2015. The group features the alternately sweet and dissonant guitar tones of David Gooey, the slanky bass of Justin Ashworth, plus the Bayou Tapestry horns: Phil Hayter (alto sax) and Tom Sly (trumpet).

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