At The Leinster

I have bought a looper pedal and if I can get the hang of using it,then I may start having live appearances backing myself times 6. Woe betide me if I split up with myself and have to send the looper pedal to the second hand pedal graveyard on E bay!!.

The sheltered workshop for the survivors of DIY musical lobotomies and tonal dyslexics reconvened after a period of seven days. Time wounds all and by Saturday I was telling myself that maybe they will play a Wayne Shorter composition that was written quite recently, i.e. Something from less than 50 years ago would be selected and truly mangled again.

Alas a return to tunes from 1933 AD or BC was what took place on Sunday with only one or two nods to Bill Evans or Herbie Hancock in terms of songs being besmirched by the usual cacophonous rabble.

Early On Sam Izzo appeared on the Keyboard while the Captain of Chaos blew his horn, yours truly played bass and the deafening french incarnation of Animal from the Muppets,

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Monsieur Sebastien pounded the drums through On Green Dolphin Street without offering any respite from his triple forte modus operandi. Kay brought out her black book and took the jammers through some songs that she wanted to sing, whether we liked it or not. With Ted Woollan still under the weather after some surgery and John Curtis absent for the first half of the evening I was recruited for piano duties after Noel relinquished the piano stool. Peter of the pony tailed tribe took over on bass and was soon substituted by Ivan the Terrible on 5 string Double Bass.

Kevin the Bespectacled warbler joined in, in an ad hoc manner, when people were playing the solos rather than at the start and the finish of songs. Kay also played the chords on the piano for couple of songs so people would not have to listen to me on the piano all night , but she was not available to play a solo since she had her hands busy already. Debbie appeared at the microphone and sang some notes that do not exist on the piano and some that are there somewhere. She was having fun.

The silver Haired Hendrix Rob rotated on the guitar with Fermin and Ben Stewart. Allan Richards played some good stuff on the drums and Audrey sang in english and french.

Later Gentleman John Curtis did appear on the piano while horns, reeds; wind and brass were blown by various persons including Allan West who took the jammers through some original tunes (he needs all the APRA payments he can get !), Uncle Jack on Trombone, Peter Cole and Tony on Saxophones, and Keith contributed some clarinet. John Kalamata also turned up with his horn and in the last hour the Bruce and Chrissie show did happen, for better or worse, despite earlier mumblings about their absence.

I am getting lots of hours on the piano which is the instrument I learned first in my life. I have been warned about using the pitch bender on the Jammers keyboard. I have a feeling that those 1930’s songs that all sound the same don’t need that approach , or do they? .Don t tempt me!

So that was the Jam for this week. I will be away over the Anzac day weekend , hiking in the Grampians so I will see you in two weeks.

Taariq Hassan

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