Jazz Jam Report April 10th 2016

Jazz Jam Report – April 10th 2016

The sheltered workshop for the musically challenged and the artistically deluded resumed after 7 days to allow the trauma from the previous week to subside.

At The Leinster Arms this week we seemed to have two of every available instrument which made varying the torture for the listeners quite possible.

There was another first at the Jazz Jam with the Jammers choosing Prince of Darkness by Wayne Shorter, circa 1967 AD , to kick the afternoon off. Yours truly was on Bass, Gentleman John Curtis on Keyboard, Captain Chaos on Sax, and The incorrigible Monsieur Sebastien on red wine and drums. It was a breath of fresh air to play something that is not a crusty old show tune from 1930 or 1870 AD or BC.

I took over drums for a song while Monsieur S. went outside to support the Big Tobacco firms. Steve Bray subsequently took over on drums and Peter of the Bass guitar pony tail tribe did battle with charts that were baffling at times. Jeff Played a couple of songs on the piano before retreating.

Il Duce, a.k.a. Glenn the publican made a personal appearance on his drum kit to appease his fans. Fermin and Rob, The silver Haired Hendrix rotated the guitar duties. Voices and vocals were by :Julie Stewart ; Kevin the Bespectacled warbler took the material back to the pre Charlie Parker era from which he himself may actually have some memories and Donna sang a few songs from the swing era with charts that almost made sense to this humble scribe.

Allan West appeared on percussion, Saxophone and vocals and was quite entertaining even if he had to call out the chord progression and the song lyrics at the same time. One funky tune in particular , that he trotted out went over rather well indeed. Eventually John Curtis excused himself from the piano and I took over on electric piano for the rest of the night .I was to preside over the train wreck of the week. During This Masquerade , a song of George Benson fame, some of the jammers played the second part , ( the B section) at the same time as others played the first part, (the A section). Singer Julie Stewart was really up the creek without a paddle in the face of this anarchy. Everyone survived a bit like Jordan Spieth. We all get a gold star for crimes against music.

Ivan The terrible , back from the ski slopes of Europe played his 5 string Double bass on quite a few songs that included Moanin and a tune just to break up the endless 4/4 material .The drummer on that number has a name and face that was too impressive to be remembered lest I begin fawning over his contribution. Other Regulars who did not appear on Sunday did themselves a favour in the sense that no news is good news. Having displayed the ability to play musical diarrhea and call it jazz soloing on electric bass and piano I took my gear and went home. That was the way the cookie crumbled.

Taariq a.k.a Mr. T. : the lead bassist , lead guitarist , lead pianist , lead drummer, lead kazoo specialist.

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