From Somewhere inside the Leinster Arms

I was out there hiking in the less visited wilderness that is the North of Wilson’s Prom over the Easter long weekend. I don t have to do that again and when the trauma of pushing through 60 km of virgin scrub with 25 kgs strapped to my torso has receded like the tide, then I will be fit and semi sane enough to take on the Grampians during the ANZAC day long weekend.

Meanwhile, the sheltered workshop for the tone deaf, rhythmic dyslexics and do it yourself musical lobotomy patients resumed after the Easter break.

The Jam session started slowly with no drummer and yours truly on electric Bass with Sam Izzo on piano and the Captain of Chaos on sax. I then changed to guitar once Peter appeared on bass and Glen the publican helped out on drums. Later I played the drums for a long time but probably it would have felt even longer to those who had to listen to me.

Others, heard on horns, included the very able Damon on saxophones and Peter and Keith appeared later on reeds to add to the cacophony. Uncle Jack played his trombone too.

Alex played his guitar rather well as people began to appear in greater numbers. John Curtis played some less hackneyed tunes on the piano and later Anton appeared on the Gibson bass guitar.

Kay sang many songs from her black book and towards the end Richard joined in on piano while Anne Smith sang a few songs to end the night at 8 pm.

A rare lack of the Bruce and Chrissie show was noteworthy in the fact that they were not there and I cannot write anything about them this week.

We all wish Ted Woollan a speedy recovery from surgery and hope to see him back on the piano this winter.

That is it for this week. I will be back next Sunday unless I get a bigger gig.

Taariq Hassan

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