Grammy Award Winning Guitarist visits Birds Basement in Melbourne

John Scofield and his Trio begin their series of shows at Bird’s Basement on Tuesday. Tickets are selling fast, so get in quick to avoid disappointment.

Just a word about double Grammy 2016 Award winner John Scofield, one of the most important Jazz artists today. John’s last concert in Australia was in 2005 when he came to perform for the then Umbria Jazz in Melbourne at Hamer Hall. John and his Trio filled the Concert Hall. He now returns 11 years later with the same trio, comprising bassist Scott Colley and drummer Bill Stuart. It is a rare privilege to hear John Scofield in such an intimate setting, as he usually plays much larger venues.

Should you wish to witness a great moment in Jazz, go to:

The Sunday Sessions

From Not Your Usual Correspondent

With your usual correspondent, Taariq, strolling around Wilson’s Promontory, the word master, Ted, still on his way to a successful recovery from a little hiccup in his health and the sun shining brilliantly on a long weekend….was anybody going to attempt to play jazz at the Leinster?

Arrived to find Doug (bass) helping Glen (drums) to set up the gear. Soon followed by Kay (vocals and keyboard), Kevin, (vocals) and Fermin (guitar). They were joined by the guy who occasionally appears with his banjo. Started off without drums until Sebastian arrived with sticks in hand..

Then others appeared like magic. Peter (bass) Ben (guitar), Paddy (guitar), John (keyboard), Geof (keyboard), Mike (drums), Frank (Alto), Alan (Tenor and percussion), and Tony (Tenor)

Soon we knew the answer to the above question……. many people were prepared to forgo a sunny autumn day on a holiday weekend to indulge themselves in playing jazz in a kinky little pub somewhere in Collingwood.

Not Your Usual Correspondent (who, on the day, picked up a lot of knowledge on the need to tune kit drums. Now working out how to apply it to tuning my tenor sax)


MIKE NOCK TRIO featuring KRISTIN BERARDI at Bird’s Basement

Show on Friday 29 April 2016

A bonafide Australian music legend and Bell Awards Hall of Famer, Mike Nock remains a vital force on the Australasian music scene. Don’t miss this opportunity to see Mike joined by fellow Bell award winner Kristin Berardi – described by John Shand (Sydney Morning Herald) as “probably the finest jazz singer Australia has produced”.

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From Sonya Veronica

Hello all!
I am exhibiting again for the first time after 6 years hiatus and doing work studies/ études.
The series of work is called Deliverance – Délivrance. The works are inspired by my personal struggles and these paintings are my way of expressing the unseen – the viscreal emotional, melancholique and elated, state of being into something visual.
This mini solo exhibition will be held at La Niche, 67 Smith Street, Fitzroy from 7th May till 4th June.
It would be truly lovely to have you at the opening of this humble exhibition on Saturday, 7th May from 6-9pm.
for snippets of work, present and past, please click here

At The Leinster

I have bought a looper pedal and if I can get the hang of using it,then I may start having live appearances backing myself times 6. Woe betide me if I split up with myself and have to send the looper pedal to the second hand pedal graveyard on E bay!!.

The sheltered workshop for the survivors of DIY musical lobotomies and tonal dyslexics reconvened after a period of seven days. Time wounds all and by Saturday I was telling myself that maybe they will play a Wayne Shorter composition that was written quite recently, i.e. Something from less than 50 years ago would be selected and truly mangled again. Continue reading →

Dear Tripsters…

Adam Rudegeair’s Bayou Tapestry
Thursday April 21st at 9pm
Bennetts Lane Jazz Club
25 Bennetts Lane, Melbourne

Pianist and composer Adam Rudegeair’s 2011 release Bayou Tapestry is a concept record, rooted in the primordial fonk of New Orleans and filtered through a 21st century jazz lens. The material from that album has now been resurrected (a la the classic Haitian zombi) as a band project.

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Jazz Jam Report April 10th 2016

Jazz Jam Report – April 10th 2016

The sheltered workshop for the musically challenged and the artistically deluded resumed after 7 days to allow the trauma from the previous week to subside.

At The Leinster Arms this week we seemed to have two of every available instrument which made varying the torture for the listeners quite possible.

There was another first at the Jazz Jam with the Jammers choosing Prince of Darkness by Wayne Shorter, circa 1967 AD , to kick the afternoon off. Yours truly was on Bass, Gentleman John Curtis on Keyboard, Captain Chaos on Sax, and The incorrigible Monsieur Sebastien on red wine and drums. It was a breath of fresh air to play something that is not a crusty old show tune from 1930 or 1870 AD or BC. Continue reading →

RIP Gato Barbieri

Leandro Barbieri (born November 28, 1932 in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina died 2 April 2016, known as Gato Barbieri (Spanish for “the cat” Barbieri), was an Argentine jazz tenor saxophonist and composer who rose to fame during the free jazz movement in the 1960s and is known for his Latin jazz recordings in the 1970s.

Born to a family of musicians, Barbieri began playing music after hearing Charlie Parker’s “Now’s the Time”. He played the clarinet and later the alto saxophone while performing with the Argentinean pianist Lalo Schifrin in the late 1950s.

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