Jam Session News: More from Colonel T (retd)!

I have been asked if you think the Jazz Jam is so dreadful then why do you keep coming? Over the 11 years that I have been coming and taking part , many people have met and formed bands through the networking opportunities that the Jazz Jam offers. It is a social outlet for music lovers and people who hope that something that resembles jazz or any kind of music might be heard in a spontaneous and convivial environment.

Admittedly, some decent music has been played by accident,but we do have the musical train wrecks too.

Some of this week’s highlights were: Sam Izzo on keys, Alex on Guitar , Andy Moon on Double Bass and this scribe on drums making a passable up tempo and swinging attempt at Softly as the morning sunrise, a song which John Coltrane once recorded, prior to death interfering with his career.

Singers and possibly swingers Kay and the bespectacled
Kevin took the microphone but did relent and return
Audrey sang songs in French with a backing band that
struggled in any Language. Later
Chrissie sang Stormy
, with Bruce leading the charge on drums. Other drummers included “Il Duce” a. k. a Glen the Publican and a very much in form Allan Richards. Peter the Pony Tail did battle with many charts on the bass, generally coming out on top, while pianists included Ted W. and Rob P. Guitarists were in plague proportions including the mercurial Mauricio and Anita ( Ole`!), Fermin and the silver haired Hendrix of Collingwood (sans afro, velvet pants and burning guitar antics.) Rob Lewis.

Horns were blown by the Captain of Chaos, and Jason
. Uncle Jack played trombone and sang a few
numbers too.
Rick , the Herbie Mann of the Leinster Arms,
blew his flute which we must salute. I just wrote that because it rhymes.
I will be back so see you all there next week , to ruin some more songs that were minding their own business when we
snuck up on them and did unto them malicious damage.

This Week’s Stinkers from the Colonel’s Vault seems some readers (probably the ones that struggle with reading) rather liked the filmic embellishments last week.So, here is another celluloid equivalent of the Jammers famous trainwreck tradition, another old Z grade film so bad that it is fascinating. It replays with a mixture of hilarity, horror and the absurd every time. Yes that stinker from that genius of crapola Ed Wood jnr. is none other than “ Plan 9 from outer space”. Which mangled jazz tune on Sunday was the equivalent of this pile of timeless celluloid sh*te?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaE7lm1ObGM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHRq80QNnJM

See you all next week.


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