Jazz jam report 20.3.16

With Captain Chaos and his cohorts in Castlemaine last Sunday and Ted W. Under the weather with a health complaint , I , Mr. T.( Not really a Colonel but my late father was one of sorts) was summoned by The Captain to take charge of the emergency B reserve team of substitute orange boys and girls of the Melbourne jazz jamming fraternity.

I was warned I may have to play the central role of pianist and personnel coordinator of the impromptu ensembles that often set the bench mark for the musical train wrecks of our epoch.

I arrived at 4 pm with my gear and having perched myself on the drum stool with newcomer Slowie (Rhymes with wowie zowie) on Bass, Rob ( The silvered haired Hendrix), Jeff on piano and his chum Bern on vocals a few songs were disassembled and eviscerated before being put to rest .

I was then on keys for some sight reading of the chords and the themes at the same time as well as long solos with lots of face pulling and musical diarrhea during the solos.

It is good that I practice the piano at home because all that came in handy and as Rob on guitar and I did battle with some songs that rarely get a look in when there are singers and horn players present .

Evan chimed in on clarinet but I was left to map out the the themes and chords to endless Mr. T. Song book charts

such as

: “ Nostalgia in time square”; “ Wave”; “ Mr Magic” ; “Out of Nowhere”; ”Just friends”; “ Mr P.C.” ; “ Memphis underground “ etc. with a young new chappie on drums who was too talented to have name that I can recall went over quite well.

Then Glen the publican took over on drums and spotting new faces who were waiting for their turn to die a thousand deaths in front of charts that they may or not have seen before. I was too busy to write down names, organize everything and play piano at the same time. I must Thank Il Duce for his assistance and good humour with these things.

Glen and I even finished some songs at the same time. The demure and modest Slowie Zowie was still there on bass but refused offers to play some solos.

Finally Lisette , the Goldie Hawn of Jazz appeared on keys and vocals and I moved to the bass for the rest of the jam , Ben took up the challenge on guitar and Allan Richards( no relation to Keef) played drums on

“ Lucky Southern “ , yes another non 1930’s warhorse and a non-show tune by a composer /pianist Keith Jarrett, who is not quite dead yet. I could get used to this shortage of crapola film song dirges and mawkish clichéd show tunes and songs from 1870 .

Peter added some sax to “ Gone with the wind” and then Audrey sang “ Autumn Leaves” in French so in a sense we reverted to the format and material that I rail against as my of my life’s missions.

The Bruce and Chrissie show went on in earnest and the show must go on and finally Anne Smith sang a couple of numbers to finish at 8 pm.

If I have left anybody out it was because they were too good looking and too talented for my feeble mind to cope with and the memory has been expunged lest it short circuit what is left of my middle aged acid casualty brain .

There is no Jazz Jam on Easter Sunday. I will see you all there the week after which is the first Sunday of April 2016.

Have a good break and keep learning to play those Thelonious Monk tunes so we can play them instead of “ Summertime” or some other done to death hackneyed rubbish!!

Mr T (aka Col T)

Better Late Than Never from 6 March

Most of this article has been censored but that is not why it makes no sense. For an unexpurgated version see the author and your analyst or local dealer.

Well the Jazz jam report for last week was written and sent to mission control but it did not appear and it was not published , so no one was upset or insulted. I need to try harder.

Ted W. at the Jazz jam always implores me to play with restraint but that isn’t in keeping with the firebrand jazz approach at all. Be it on drums, guitar , piano or bass I will not be tied down by taste, restraint , understatement or sanity!!!!

. . .

more . . .

and yes more . . .

Cecil Taylor . . .

Kevin Blaze` on guitar and Ann on flute joined in on a funky version of “ Red Clay” by Freddie Hubbard . . .

. . .

I will be climbing Mt. Bogong(1986 M. ) next week so see you all in two weeks.

Mr. T.

Ade Ishs and Chelsea Allen at Paris Cat

The Ishs/Allen Project are returning to the Paris Cat Jazz Club on 7

This time, they will be at the Parisian Loft (upstairs), playing
their signature evocative music that has been described as “very
uplifting” (Jazzwise, UK), “full of imagery, interestingly within sound”
(Tom Tom, USA), and “direct and heartfelt” (AustralianJazz.net).
Line up: ade ishs (piano), Chelsea Allen (drums), Paul Bonnington
(bass), Ee Shan Pang (trumpet, flugelhorn), Ben Nieuwkerk (saxophones,
clarinet, flute).
Ticket: $20. Book via Paris Cat: http://is.gd/tiap7apr
Teaser: http://youtu.be/F8ocHDaOemk

Jam Session News: meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Well, the Colonel has gone walkabout, some of us were at Inverloch Jazz Festival, and Captain Chaos was left to wrangle the troops on his own..We had hoped that Madge from Altona might be there, but she was stuck in Refinery Terrace trying to sort out a virus on her computer. Turns out she needn’t have bothered as she could find a virus that would go near it..

Hortense is totally besotted with a Nigerian High Court judge with a money problem and a propensity to ask for her details by e-mail. She keeps sending them, but it turns out the inside leg measurement and a list of her peculiar fancies isn’t what he was after.

So, the Captain writes…

Given, a long weekend, the great weather, the Inverloch Jazz festival, Moomba etc. was anybody going to join your correspondent at the Leinster for a jam session? Then they started to arrive.

Three guitarists, three vocalists, a drummer, a bassist, a saxophonist, and a pianist kicked off a somewhat quiet afternoon. Kaye sang a few tunes and then Geoff played his two pieces on the keys and left soon after. The surprise of the year was when Kay jumped at the opportunity to play keys and stayed there for the rest of the session. Sang no more!!! Fermin, Rob and Don ably rotated on guitars and Peter played a marathon effort on bass. Debbie and Kevin worked well on vocals and Glen drove the rhythm, as only he can, until he had to return to the bar. Then, in walked Ben, a young student of drums, who keep the percussive thing going. Rick on flute and Keith on tenor arrived later to augment the very thin horn section. To sum up…13 musicians had heaps of playing.

Not your usual correspondent

The Laika Bar

Katerina sang a blinder last Friday night, before rushing off to Inverloch for an even more impressive performance on the main stage.

This week sees a debut Jazz gig for Joys Njambi, who amongst other things, is the lead singer with The Grand Wazoo. Accompanied by Doug Kuhn on bass, meself on piano, and who knows who else…

Laika Bar has very kindly booked a large party in for a function, so the joint will be jumping. Jump in yourself, enjoy a cocktail under the palm trees, and hear just how good a singer Joys is. Excited about this one…


Joys Njambi at Laika Bar, 9 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, Friday 18th March 2016, from 8.00pm

The Castlemaine Jazz Festival: June 10th – 12th 2016

Venues! This week, we are looking at taking on more venues – the final tally is over 100 bands and 370 registered musicians. The Captain and the Evil Genius are hard at it working out how to schedule them all in.

Bands! The Glass Moon, Melbourne Singers of Gospel, Ade Ish Trio, big bands, French Gypsy, mainstream, Pages Flatfoot Warmers (trad), Dr Crask and His Swinging Elixir, the list goes on – something for everyone, and probably something that you didn’t know you liked.

Audience! Judging by the rising number of queries, and the response from people attending Inverloch (props to Sevil Sabah and Katerina Myskova for all their efforts handing out promotional cards), we are looking at an increased audience – and we need them. If you are thinking of attending the Festival, tickets will be on sale on the website soon… or you might consider volunteering as a Door Manager, Stage manager, or Box Office whiz in which case you will get a free Festival pass.

Potential Volunteers should send an e-mail to castlemainejazzfestival@gmail.com – put “Volunteer” in the subject line and we will get back to you.