It’s a Mess!

One cannot but express a begrudging admiration for the myriad new ways that people at the jazz jam can come up with fresh approaches to ruining some half decent songs from the old new real fake book. Despite years of musical training and study, or almost none, the aficionados of the sheltered workshop for the musical dyslexics at the Leinster Arms are the true maestros of musical train wrecks.

In the true spirit of jazz ,the spontaneous desecration of a simple 12 bar blues such as “Chitlins con Carne” comes from the ether and the jammers just channel the spirit of an atonal genius such as the Legendary Stardust Cowboy. see here

In a similar vein, the worst films of all time remain timelessly so bad that they are fascinating ,because the director was in earnest the whole time. Auteurs such as Phil Tucker who made “Robot Monster” come to mind (look it up on the interwebby ) here
or here

Highlights included Audrey singing “Walk on By “ in French and the band including yours truly on bass following a chart that almost made sense! Other vocalists were the bespectacled warbler Kevin , Kay and Debbie. Maria of Petronas Towers footwear watched. Drummers were Allan Richards, Andrew Putnam, Mark and Bruce.

Alex played some very proficient guitar, as did Mauricio and Anita from Chile`( arribba !). Fermin then dipped in for a while. All good on the strings front.

Bassists included Sam, briefly on double bass, and Peter doing battle with a genre of music he is admittedly new to, but getting it right.

Peter appeared on the piano as brief relief for Ted Woollan. And as brief relief for everyone else probably. He is starting to play unrehearsed charts. Watch this space.

Ted sometimes asks me to vary the walking bass.. No walking Bass? this is KAOS we don’t do that here!!, Bugger subtlety and ya boo sucks to sticking to diatonic key centres when atonal frenzied chromatic syncopated musical diarrhoea is more fun ! At least I make a complicated passionate mess of the songs.

Rick blew the new flute and The Capitano of Chaos chimed in with Tony Wharton on Saxophones. Bruce and Chrissie did their thing.Like the rest of us, they try the same thing week in and week out and expect different results. Madness, but they keep coming and we too keep turning up.

See you all next week.

Mr T

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