Castlemaine Jazz Festival 2016: The Goss

Band Registrations are starting to roll in rather earlier than last year, and Gabrielle Posetti (Volunteers Coordinator) and Stephen Breheny (Venues Wrangler) have joined the committee and hit the ground running.

It is all looking good, and we are planning for more musos and some new venues to be added to the mix. Should drive Professor Curtis, scheduling guru, nuts…

If you are thinking about playing, you need to register your band, and musicians, sooner rather than later – this year, we are calling for musicians to nominate for a maximum of three bands, aiming to give everyone more sessions to play. We have also lowered the registration fee to $20, and kept the ticket prices the same as last year. Whoo hoo!

To register, hop on the website

Then check out the Festival Facebook page for Melinda Traves spiffy graphics and all the goss.

Queries to Col Garrett (Musician co-ordinator) on

The Festival will be on June 10th – June 12th (Queen’s birthday long weekend), and I know quite a number of people have already booked their accommodation.

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