The Goss

Apparently, the youngsters prancing about as “Blowout” have suddenly become concerned that they may be confused (well, they probably are..) err, with Wildbur Wilde’s Blowout. So now they are going to prance about under the moniker “Breakout” instead.

Same good mainstream music, but.


One of Melbourne’s favourite jazz venues, Dizzy’s Jazz Club (at 381 Burnley Street, Richmond) will be featuring a mainstream quartet called “Breakout” at 8pm on February 2nd, 2016.

“Breakout” comprises Colin Garrett on saxophone, Robert Pettinato on drums, Peter Ryan on guitar, and Stan van Hooft on bass. Each player brings years of musical experience to the group and the band has performed successful gigs at the 2015 Castlemaine Jazz Festival and at several popular venues in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

With a repertoire of modern jazz classics ranging from Miles Davis’ “Tune-up” and Oliver Nelson’s “Stolen Moments” to contemporary Australian compositions such as Paul Grabowky’s “Angel” and Bernie McGann’s “Spirit Song”, the band is sure to appeal to both a wide and sophisticated listening audience.

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