The First Jazz Jam of 2016

… took place at the Leinster arms took place with little fanfare. A small rusted on party of people appeared to keep up the long tradition of musical train wrecks on a Sunday alive and kicking.

Due to a shortage of many varieties of musicians, some were heard on their respective instruments without any support from the interchange bench. We should have mic.’d up a bench. It would have fitted in well.

On Guitar, new face Luis brandished his white Fender copy for three hours without stopping. I think he enjoyed it and found some tunes that he had never heard so badly mangled before.

The Captain was back in charge of chaos on the saxophone. There were no other reed or wind instruments played by any other life form. He did get us playing some Mingus and Roland Kirk tunes and not pre Ella Fitzgerald stuff so he is trying to prod us in the right direction. Drummers included Spike, Monsieur Sebastien, Bruce of the‘shuffle not swing’ tribe, Matt Berg, and there may have been others who were too rhythmically challenged to make a lasting impression.

Most humans try to forget the bad stuff in life.

Well, I was on bass for the whole jam session. That may have been quite traumatic for some. Next week, we’ll pass the hat around for the costs of therapy sessions for those who have heard one bass solo too many.

Singers included Maria with the bedsheet style charts and Petronas Towers heels, Chrissie, (I got rhythm …..) and Jill, who got through some fine tunes including God Bless the Child. With a rhythm section like that, God Bless the fact that it finished.

Kevin, the bespectacled warbler, persisted with coming back in too early while soloists were plugging away. He might have been putting them out of their misery. Or not.

Knock knock.

Who’s there at the window? A singer! How do you know? They can’t find the key and don’t know where to come in!!

Pianists included Max from Italy, Ted Woollan who played on a Coltrane song just to confound me, Daniel who was excellent, and others who were too talented or too good looking to even need a name.

All up, no Funk/ fusion in the style of Weather Report or swinging hard bop in the style of Art Blakey and the Jazz messengers at 200 BPM was played at all. It was just unacceptable so I am going bushwalking. But I will turn up in two weeks in the futile hope that something different might happen. Once word gets out that the jam is back on the attendance will increase, the talent pool will become shin deep and not ankle deep, and the music will continue, like it or not!


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  1. Ah Taariq, a wonderful piece of art your missive was……. echoes of Mr Woollan on the reading of….. and that’s not a bad thing…. keep up the fine work Possum!


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